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  1. Sunil Pareek blog

    ☑️NEW Gratis Token #Airdrop , instant withdraw??|| 17 $ Proof || Join before coin listing ??

    Don't miss big opportunity #Cryptocurrency #Bigairdrop ???? 1).Joining Link?? https://t.me/gratis_airdrop_bot?start=r02517027440 2). How To withdraw?? 1. Download Blits App 2. Go to Add HRC20 3. Add contract Address ?link : one1rkpn2u733k0jnmp0g6verx95fn4k3qtzxw2amg ( Comment if not...
  2. Kamikadze

    ✅LEGIT Coin2moon Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    I recently found this app. It is called Coin2moon. You can redeem in app points (PT) for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), DASH (DASH), Zcash (ZEC) or Ethereum Classic (ETC). You can claim these points twice in every 15 minutes as long as you have walked 10 steps...
  3. highspeed

    ❕NEWS Bitcoin slowed in April after a six-month rally. But probably nothing to dramatize.

    In the month of April, (from day 1st to 30th) Bitcoin had a fall in its value of 5%. But this doesn't have to be shocking according to expert analysts by cryptocurrencies , who do not dramatize this event. Indeed this it is mostly due to the high volatility of this cryptocurrency. So, always the...
  4. Crypto Win

    ☑️NEW cryptowin.app Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?
    3.00 star(s) 1 Rating

    Hey guys I'm the admin of a new crypto earning app called Crypto Win. You can earn Bitcoin (BTC) or Litecoin (LTC) by completing different tasks such as: Watching Videos Social Media Tasks (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, etc.) Downloading apps Playing games Answering Surveys You will...
  5. highspeed

    ❕NEWS The sudden recent decline in Bitcoin is also due to Biden's taxes on capital gains

    Recently Bitcoin slides below $ 50,000, a few days after the record close to $ 65,000. Unfortunately, this is bad news for investors on that cryptocurrency! But probably, the main cause is the hypothesis of a drastic increase in taxes on capital gains on high incomes, issued by Joe Biden, newly...
  6. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Thodex Founder Flee Away with $2 Billion Worth of Cryptos

    Do you know about the Thodex scam? If not then I will tell you all. Thodex is a Istanbul based popular Crypto Exchange platform. But suddenly the crypto platform sends a message to all it's user that it will shut down for 5 days for a maintenance break, but it is the starting of scam. In...
  7. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Bitcoin is very bad for our environment

    According to a report bitcoin continuously affecting our environment as it consumes a huge amount power. According to that source only a bitcoin transaction consumes as much as power an American household uses in a whole month. So, it is pretty destructive I think, I want to know what you all...
  8. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Bitcoin price falls continuously for the 8th day

    Bitcoins price falls continuously and it is the 8th day and its price goes under $50,000. Today it's price is $49,4000, which is falls by $600
  9. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS India to adopt btc and all other cryptos to become $5 trillion economy giant

    India as a IT giant now believes that if we have to grow our gdp to $5 trillion, then we should not ignore the $1.3 trillion crypto market of our country and it will helps a lot. In previous day's there are many rumours roundup about India's crypto ban but it seems to be a false alarm, and they...
  10. MoneyVsMe

    ☑️NEW markets-coin.com Reviews: SCAM OR LEGIT?

    Markets-coin.com is a new crypto faucet and paid to click site. Earn with: Faucet: Claim 0.0007 USD every 3 minutes. PTC : Get paid by visit other websites! Shortlinks Wall :Click shortlinks to earn more money and energy. Achievements : Complete achievements for extra money and energy...
  11. B

    ☑️NEW Proinfinity.fun Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    https://proinfinity.fun/ is a simple BTC faucet. Direct payment to ExpressCrypto microwallet. So no pending payment, no scam. You can claim 0.0012 USD (2 satoshi at current BTC price) every 5 minutes. Payment proof : Link to claim : https://proinfinity.fun/
  12. D

    ❕NEWS $Libertas Token, the best crypto coin to invest in this 2021

    Modern online media resources are very convenient when it comes to expressing your opinion and sharing it with the public. However, there is a flip side to this convenience. The centralized nature of the content-sharing platforms gives them censorship authority while business giants standing...
  13. rmeireza

    ❕NEWS $PNDA just launch

    JUST LAUNCHED!! ? CMC & CG NEXT! STAKING COMING SOON! *They also have Airdrop campaign which will distributed on 25th May* ?$PNDAon Pancakeswap https://bit.ly/32uCvpj ?Media: Yahoo Finance: https://yhoo.it/3dwnnyp About Project Panda ?Website - https://project-panda.com/ ? Telegram group -...
  14. zrixes88

    ❕NEWS Stacks (YC S14) is running an Accelerator program

    The newly announced Stacks Accelerator program is accepting applications for the first cohort until May 14th, and the program is set to run between May and July of this year. This is a 3-month mentorship-driven program looking for teams that are solving real-world problems and building projects...
  15. Xdream

    ☑️NEW Trending airdrop u don't want to miss

    Get 100 Cat Protocol on Heco chain.. currently worth $2000 You can withdraw instantly. https://t.me/CatProtocolBot?start=r03138870030 Wait for the BOT to respond in 2mins
  16. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Indias crypto ban faces resistance

    India is in talak about it's decision to ban crypto but it is not easy as easy it looks like because the crypto industry in India is developed a lot since it's ban lifted in 2018. So, it's crypto crowd stands against the policy and it is not executed till now.
  17. brainnaik

    ❌SCAM fxminers.club Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Need reviews about fxmiers.club it is real or scam
  18. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Top Ten Cryptos to Invest in 2021

    Hi, to all and I know that many members in this forum are struggling to choose a right crypto to invest, which will give you good return in future. My crypto list is based on the price, but personally my favourites after bitcoin is ripple and litecoin as their price are keep going up and also...
  19. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Bitcoin price up $3000 in 3 hours, may touch $4,00,000 this year

    Recently, Bitcoins price increased $3000 more in 3 hours and touched the mark $61,000, it was believed that it may touch to $4,00,000 dollar in the end of this year.
  20. highspeed

    ❓ASK 1 Bitcoin for 1Million$, within end of 2021? Well, I do not believe...

    Since December 2020, when Bitcoin exceeded the threshold of $ 50,000, there is now a lot of enthusiasm around this cryptocurrency (this also from my part obviously). But since then, I have been hearing everywhere, the almost certainty that by the end of this year (2021), Bitcoin will even reach...
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