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  • BEERMONEYFORUM proof.jpg
    BEERMONEYFORUM proof.jpg
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Emerald Member
Jun 15, 2017
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Wow! The third payment went to Mr Crystal!
Well done!Keep it up!
I will follow your step soon! I am looking forward to redeeming when I reach 5,000 BMF or 5k+, the so I can get the net USD5 after deducting the fee.
Tell you what, I want to first 10 who receive the payment at BMF! I am working towards my goal!


Does this means that the admin pay us immediately and we don't need to wait for 24th or 25th of the month?

I have looked for a payment proof section and didn't found one so i create this topic in the get paid to write section.
If it's not the proper section, admin please move to topic where do you think it's the best place .
My 1st payment from beermoneyforum :Cat:
View attachment 709
Thank you admin :Cool:.


Staff member
Mar 24, 2016
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Does this means that the admin pay us immediately and we don't need to wait for 24th or 25th of the month?
All payments are sent guaranteed on each 25th of the month, but if I have money available on my credit card I will send you the cash in couple hours from your request.


All payments are sent guaranteed on each 25th of the month, but if I have money available on my credit card I will send you the cash in couple hours from your request.

That's so awesome, looks like you are around the corner and pay us immediately. I think this one thing will help me to attract more traffic here as the admin himself is very caring and prompt in answering our queries. :Greedy


Bronze Member
Jul 13, 2017
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All payments are sent guaranteed on each 25th of the month, but if I have money available on my credit card I will send you the cash in couple hours from your request.

Nice admin, So if ever we accumulated enough points to redeem then we can redeem now? Don't need to wait for every 25th of the month. Does it mean we can request for a cashout more than once in a month?
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