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    ❕NEWS BTC falls below 35K despite announcement of Biden's stimulus plan

    Many believed that the announcement of the stimulus plan would cause the price of BTC to rise, but the opposite has happened, the price of BTC has depreciated, crushing the bullish sentiment and causing the BTC to fall below $ 35,000 due to the force. of the dollar that accumulated strong...
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    ❕NEWS Stimulus Prepared By BIden Could Take BTC To Unimagined Levels

    Biden is preparing a financial stimulus plan to inject billions of dollars into the US economy, the request was made to Congress to approve 2,000 aid to Americans who have seen their economies have been hit by the COVID19 pandemic. This could result in the price of BTC skyrocketing since many...
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    ❕NEWS Famous Russian critic says that Bitcoin is a bubble that will burst sooner or later.

    In an interview with the local news agency TASS, Anatoly Aksakov of the Russian State Duma, the famous Russian critic suggests that all countries should ban Bitcoin as a payment method. He states that Bitcoin is not backed by anything, it is a private currency and its value is based on the trust...
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    ❕NEWS Far Right Received Large BTC Transfers Before Capitol Invasion

    The United States authorities, in their search for the perpetrators of the attacks in the capital carried out last week, have found through Chaynalisis Bitcoin transactions to accounts belonging to personalities and far-right groups carried out a month before the violent activities occurred in...
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    ❕NEWS BTC will reach 115,000 in 2021

    The founder and CEO of the Bitcoin (BTC) investment company Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead, sustains what he has been saying about the rise of Bitcoin for 2021. He says that Bitcoin already has all the way to reach $ 115,000 by August 2021. This was said by him in a conference call held on...
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    ❕NEWS Bitcoin briefly loses first place

    Today the market capitalization on Coinmarketcap changed for a short time, Bitcoin's twin coin, Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), was in first place for an instant. WBTC presented a market capitalization of 432 billion dollars for a short period of time, the world supply is around 1.2 trillion dollars...
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    ❕NEWS Offers $ 72 million to unearth a hard drive with 72,000 BTC

    The South Wales Argus, Newport's daily tabloid, points out that the computer engineer, James Howells, in 2013 accidentally disposed of a hard drive containing 7,500 BTC while cleaning his house as a result of mining activity when it was still possible to mine with the CPU. The affected party...
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    ❕NEWS Newsweek makes positive coverage of Bitcoin

    Newsweek makes positive coverage of Bitcoin Newsweek, the well-known weekly in the United States, has taken a positive turn from its previous views, this time evaluating whether Bitcoin can become the new gold standard. The article appeared on Wednesday, January 6, there it talks about the...
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    ❕NEWS BTC on the front page of The Wall Street Journal

    On November 23, a headline about the rise of BTC by 80% appeared on the cover of The Wall Street Journal, in the article it talks about the adoption of cryptocurrency by institutional investors. The report indicates that Bitcoin has found support from Wall Street billionaires Paul Tudor Jones...
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    ❕NEWS The great dilemma. Buy or sell Bitcoin

    That has been the question that mainly reverberates in the heads of those less well versed in the subject of cryptocurrency trading. The one who assures you that you must buy because the BTC will go up, is lying, the one who ensures that you wait because the BTC will go down because a correction...
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    ❕NEWS Financial advisers are betting on BTC as a hedge

    A survey conducted by Bitwise / ETF Trends 2021 Benchmark Survey revealed that financial advisers are now increasingly using cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation, which suggests the dramatic change in the sentiment of institutions towards digital assets. 9.54% of...
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    ❕NEWS Lindsay Lohan shoots promotional video in favor of cryptocurrencies

    The well-known actress Lindsay Lohan has recorded a video promoting cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). This 12-second video that appears in a selfie frame in front of a bleached and bland window, was commissioned by a news outlet through the Cameo platform, in which you can...
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    ❕NEWS Bitcoin is a seemingly "nonsensical" asset that does make sense

    Jonathan Ruffer, Chairman of Ruffer Investment Company Limited, used to say that Bitcoin is a "nonsense" asset, but having performed excellently after the rally that began in December now says that it does make sense. This company in November allocated 2.5% of its multistrategy fund in gold to...
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    ❕NEWS Company invests 550 million pounds sterling in Bitcoin.

    Jonathan Ruffer, Chairman of the UK-based Ruffer Investment Company, explained why he decided to invest £ 550 million (US $ 748 million), 2.5% of his assets. He reports that they have been observing the behavior of Bitcoin over time and came to the conclusion that it is a very excellent emerging...
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    ❕NEWS The richest man in the world says that he will not refuse payments in Bitcoin.

    The richest man in the world says that he will not refuse payments in Bitcoin. The owner of the companies Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk says that he prefers to receive payments in Bitcoin, this information comes in response to a tweet from Ben Mezrich, writer of Bitcoin Billionaires, saying "I...
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    ❓ASK Do you think the fall in BTC prices was healthy and necessary?

    Do you think the fall in BTC prices was healthy and necessary? ExoAlpha CIO David Lifchitz says he sees this pullback below 40,000 very healthy, as the rise in Bitcoin prices from 17K on December 11 to 41K in less than a month was a my sign. concerning because of the speed with which it was...
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    ❕NEWS A Trader Screams Fraud After BTC's Largest Recovery In History

    A Trader Screams Fraud After BTC's Largest Recovery In History This January 12, when the BTC fell to the levels of 30,000 dollars to later have the largest recovery in its history, around 20% in 12 hours, a trader sees that this movement is marked by a manipulation of the market, since first...
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    ❕NEWS BTC volume doubles on CME derivatives market

    CME, the main derivatives platform in the world, announced that in December the average daily volume traded of Bitcoin, reached the figure of 55.9K equivalent BTC in 11,179 contracts, this is equivalent to a year-on-year increase of 114% and another figure that grew was the number of large...
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    ❓ASK Do you remember what was the first price of BTC?

    Incredible how the price of Bitcoin has grown, to think that the first BTC transaction was on January 12 and was received by Hal Finney. By that time the adopters were already open to the BTC having a monetary value, but it was not until October 2009 that New Libery Standard, one of the first...
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    ❕NEWS BTC turned 12 years since the genesis block was mined.

    BTC turned 12 years since the genesis block was mined. On January 3, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto mined the Genesis block, known as # 0, six days later, on January 9, 2009, he mined the # 1 block, starting the network as it is known today, since the reward for mining the Genesis block cannot be...
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