1. pruned

    Official Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    The most Popular Bitcoin Game is a Bitcoin Crash Game. Withdraw are Instant in BTC , There are Many ways to profit BITCOINS 5% if the Refeal Rate Good Luck
  2. beerbtc

    [ANN] HEX coin -The First High Interest Blockchain Cerificate of Deposit

    HEX THE FIRST HIGH INTEREST BLOCKCHAIN CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT. FREE FOR BITCOIN HOLDERS! 10.000 HEX for 1 BTC +20% BONUS First Week! EARN INTEREST HEX release in October! > Whitepaper Beta Live < Website | Twitter | Facebook | GitHub | Telegram | CLAIM HEX info
  3. beerbtc

    $ HEX coin FREE Airdrop for Bitcoin holders $

  4. AML24

    NEW AML24 - INSTANT TRANSFER TO FIAT OF YOUR CRYPTOCURRENCY - a round-the-clock online service that allows you to instantly conduct an exchange between different payment systems (PayPal, Perfect Money, Advcash, Payeer, Webmoney, Yandex.Money, Qiwi, Skrill, EXMO, ...), bank cards (VISA / MasterCard, Tinkoff , Sberbank, Privat24...
  5. M

    How can I double btc amount

    Hello together, Im from Germany and need help from investors who are made good Profits. I have 0.07 btc and would make it to 1 btc so much. With sportsbetting no success with pump and dump no success. Does anyone have a good strategy for doubling or some else ?
  6. G

    NEW FreeRessel is giving a opportunity for everyone making money on line

    Freeresell is basically a platform where you can resell for free and currently they have launched an SMS reselling portal which enables anyone to resell for free without paying for sms units for reselling purpose, please read more on their website. If you want to start earning money online, it's...
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    Earn Bitcoins, instant

    Earn bitcoins legit and instant payment in faucethub Onebitco Silver faucet, easy claims Claimbitco faucet
  8. L

    NEW [ANN]Huge Discount at BIZANC DEX Launch — BIZ Presale Price at 50% Off

    [ANN]Huge Discount at BIZANC DEX Launch — BIZ Presale Price at 50% Off Bizanc Sep 16 · 4 min read The BIZANC DEX is a Decentralized Exchange that offers an inventive model, contrary to other Decentralized Exchanges. Its extraordinary feature is to interoperate with...
  9. T

    FREE CRYPTO BALANCE WITH PROOF!!! Fast Way with no investment!!!

    So,i'm on this for 1 or 2 years(i don't remember very well, but it wasn't straight and healthy,i had school,work,friends,blah blah. After long time found them in my browser history,and decided to withdraw what it had to see it's legit or NOT. you know my answer,YES,it was but i hadn't to much...
  10. K

    Who ever used the Tax Tool CryptoTax?

    I just saw an ad from with a sweepstake, where Cryptotax will pay your crypto taxes in the USA. You can sign up here Has anybody ever tested this tax application? Since most of the tools are very expensive this free alternative sounds interesting...
  11. S


    یوٹوپیا کیا ہے؟ یوٹوپیا ایک ایسا محفوظ ، وکندریقرت ماحولیاتی نظام ہے جو پیئر ٹو پیئر کے منفرد نیٹ ورک کی فن تعمیر کو استعمال کرتا ہے۔ اس میں کوئی مرکزی سرور شامل نہیں ہے ، اس کا مطلب یہ ہے کہ ناکامی کا کوئی ایک نقطہ نہیں ہے ۔ آپ کے پیغامات اور فائلیں تیسری پارٹی کے سرورز پر کبھی محفوظ نہیں کی...
  12. C

    NEW Upcoming ICO Cloud Mining This Sept 2019 Gominer

    i see this 4days countdown today.. i think gominer will be launching this september i think its better to invest here fresh and also they have good platform regarding to bitcoin mining and ico. according to my research they have token call "GT or Gotoken" i excited to for upcoming...
  13. ToHkaTa

    NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Hello members of BMF, Today i will show you Cryptocurrency cloud mining company get 3.6% daily profit for 60 Days Youtube link for the Company! Referral Link ===> Click Here!!! Stability and predictability. Investment projects offer a wide range of marketing types to make money, from rapid...
  14. C

    Tradeshatoshi Free Money

    My favorite exchange is tradeshatosi! In this platform there are free faucets for many coins and now gives 100-200 sat of Bitcoin every hour. Join now and earn unlimited coins and satoshis. New airdrop for HORA token just launced. Tradeshatoshi is an exchange with very low fees,you can trade...
  15. Cryptone

    SCAM Powerfulmining Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    New genuine Bitcoin cloud mining. Bonus 100 USD. Profit 0,5 – 2% Payment metods We currently accept: PerfectMoney, Payeer , Bitcoin The minimum amount to request withdrawal is 10 USD Referral commission 15 % join -
  16. bdk81

    Jobs I make Review Videos on YouTube for Websites / Programs / Platforms

    I have a YouTube channel, Free Bitcoin Hunter, that has over 3K Subscribers. I have made many videos about cryptocurrency markets, websites, applications, wallets, affiliate programs, campaigns. You can get in touch with me if you have anything I can do for you. I also write articles, blogs...
  17. S

    NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    I am not admin! Launched 17.08.2019 WELCOME TO AUTO-INVESTMENT BITCOIN PLATFORM! Our platform is designed to bring together investors from countries such as Poland, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Invested funds are distributed by the total cash...

    Official G Mining Inc. - Bitcoin Cloud Mining - Approved By Ministry Of Government Services Ontario.

    Start bitcoin mining immediately with our cloud mining contracts! 100% guaranteed uptime. Air and immersion-cooling technology Latest ASIC chips Maximum performance at low cost G Mining Inc. - Bitcoin Cloud Mining G Mining Inc. is a company that offers services such as Bitcoin Cloud...
  19. C

    NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    New bitcoin roll faucet! You can claim every 30 minutes from 15 to 1005 satoshis. Min Withdraw 100 sat to faucethub account. Visit faucet here
  20. clixmoney

    When bitcoin will hit $1 million !

    I want to share with you an interesting video about how bitcoin can hit easily $1 million. Just watch the video and tell me what do you think. It's an observation after knowing about bitcoin for more than 5 years. Check that here :