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❓ASK What is Best - A Managed VPS or An Unmanaged VPS For Web Hosting?


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Mar 5, 2014
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As a newbie to the internet and making money online, you'll have many questions about website hosting and what is the best options for you. I'd like to talk a little about managed and unmanaged VPS services. This is yet another option for you to consider when you are building a website and hosting it for the first time. As you probably already know, there are many different types of website hosting you can choose from. You can choose to host your site on a Linux server, a Windows Server, a cloud hosting company, or even on a private server. But what about hosting your website on a VPS?


Many people will choose a VPS to host their site on because they do offer you low prices. Furthermore, the VPS can still provide you with the control you need to run and operate your website on the server. You still have access to the root where you can easily configure your site, change your design, or even add new content and images. The service is easy for you to scale to your needs. As your site grows, it is easy to add more space to your existing service. It is a nice way to customize your site for your special needs.

What To Consider:

When you are looking for a hosting service it is necessary to consider a few things before you sign up:
  • What do you require for server space?
  • How big is your website?
  • Does the company provide you with enough processing power and RAM to run your site smoothly?
  • Do you have enough storage space to upload all your files to your site and run smoothly on the site?
  • Is the service fast enough to handle your current needs and the amount of traffic that comes to your website?
  • How much control do you want over your website?
  • Do you have the knowledge that is needed to maintain your site without any help from your web hosting company?
What Is An Unmanaged VPS?

It is just as it states. The VPS isn't managed by your hosting company. You'll be responsible for everything. There won't be anyone there to help you if you run into problems. The hosting company's sole responsibility to you is to keep the network connection and the VPS up and running. You'll need to have knowledge and know-how to do all the rest on your own.

If you are tech savvy or know someone that is then this is the way to go. They can help you configure and set up your site on the unmanaged VPS. Just keep in mind you'll need the technical knowledge and know-how to manage all things associated with the software. This type of service is a completely hands-on approach and is great for people who know how to configure and run the software.

What Is A Managed VPS?

That is simple, the hosting company manages the software for you. They also keep the VPS network up and online and your site available at all times. The hosting company will take care of everything for you so you don't need to. This is the perfect option if you don't have any IT experience and you can't manage or handle the software on your own.

The host company will handle all the software installations, they will configure your server for you when patches and updates need to be installed, you don't need to worry, they do this for you. Furthermore, you don't need to worry about the server securities or troubleshooting any of the problems the server has.

Keep in Mind:

If you can handle all the software, updates, troubleshooting, installing patches, and maintaining the software then go with an unmanaged VPS service. Otherwise, it is best to go with a managed VPS service and let the company do the work for you.

What is the best option for you?
Good question, the answer lies around... I can even smell it ;) Don't you?:D

Unmanaged VPS would be the right choice if you can handle server hardening, monitoring, security audits, 3rd party software installations, optimization, file and server migration... should I continue? But if you can't handle it you should consider acquiring managed VPS and provider take care of all operations mentioned few lines above. Hope it helps!
If you have to ask, I'd say managed is definitely the way to go. Managed virtual private servers are configured, monitored, and supported by the system administrators at the hosting company. With unmanaged virtual private servers, you are more or less left to your own devices, which means, unless you are experienced with the Linux operating system and managing servers, you will probably have to hire a system administrator of your own.
I can't recommend any VPS as I'm not using one or tried one in the past, I've read a lot about VPS solutions on WebHostingTalk(large forum I guess you guys know it), at the end of this month there's a big chance to move to VPS with all of my sites( one particular site needs huge resources, it's a free game downloads related site) because I need a lot of space to upload the free games and handle high traffic. So KnownHost VPS-2 is what I'm looking at.

To be frank I have 2 shared deluxe web hosting accounts at GoDaddy(paying around $17 for both accounts per month), one hosting couple sites that makes me money and the other deluxe account hosting couples that don't make money because they need more work,.. content, seo and stuff. You know how things work online. So yeah!

Can you recommend a better VPS managed solution which beats VPS-2 from KnownHost features and cost? keep in mind I'm going to use their 15% lifetime discount, total cost will be $34/mo (as there's cPanel which cost $5 from what I see).
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What VPS you recommend?

I would recommend unmanaged unless there is the actual need (and justification) for hiring a person to do what a free control panel such as Virtualmin GPL and a bit of Linux tutorials reading can achieve ;)

Besides, learning how to manage your own server is 100% free when you use VirtualBox or similar virtualization software.

Even if you have a Windows computer at home, you can run Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu and the other commonly-used Linux flavors inside a VM guest, so there's no excuse :cool:
right now i have unmanaged vps for U.S.$3.00 in 3 months so a dollar for 1 month.
you need to learn the basic and advanced linux commands, it's running on centos 7.
if you know what you're doing go for unmanaged because they're cheaper if you're a beginner go get managed vps sells a lot than unmanaged but it's worth the price since you don't have to commit mistakes that will make your website unavailable.
Getting the preferred VPS for your site depends on your need and how you want it. There are several VPS you can chose from and make good use of there service which I may not mention because what I may consider good for me may not be same for you
Managed vps should be the choice it there is no budget issue , you don't need to be technical and wary for security so you can focus on your sites content and try to rank it with good work
Digital Ocean is the best for me. Unmanaged VPS, with API to manage your servers and with a great traffic limit (from 1TB by server). It's better than Amazon if you have a lot of traffic.

Starting with a basic server from $6/mo ($5 + $1 taxes), with 1CPU, 1GB RAM, 25 GB SSD, until an unlimited size. Payment per hour of use.
8 datacenters all over the world.

I used them last 3 years without any big issue.
And with a referral program ;)

Managed VPS Hosting

Managed VPS hosting obviously varies from one hosting provider to another. Still, if you do not possess a vast amount of technical knowledge and ability, this "hands-off" approach is definitely your most feasible option. If you have little to no experience running or maintaining a server, managed cloud VPS hosting can be very beneficial to you because the web host typically takes care of the software and system updates that you request, and in some cases, even does them automatically for you as they are needed.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

With unmanaged cloud VPS hosting, the hosting provider is only responsible for the physical server and the server's availability. This means that the user is responsible for the maintenance, upgrades, installation of software, etc. If you choose unmanaged cloud VPS hosting, you should be familiar with the operating system and server software you choose.
That's true; really reliable vps plans are available only from proven dedicated hosts. Indeed, ghoster and rockhoster are good, but they are too overwhelmed lately and often slow down. I chose for myself cheap storage VPS from another host. Honestly, it isn't essential for me that it is reasonable and cheap. The main thing is that they work flawlessly and don't fail the system. I'm really very picky about the service provider because working with him should be as convenient and streamlined as possible. Besides, I always look at how convenient and straightforward the site's interface is.
That's correct; only reputable dedicated hosts offer truly reliable vps plans.
Although ghoster and rockhoster are excellent, they have recently been overloaded and frequently slow down.
I selected an inexpensive storage VPS from another host for me.
Sincerity tells me that reasonable and affordable are not requirements for me.
It's crucial that they function smoothly and don't let the system down
I think unmanaged will be suitable for you because you know your website needs better. But If you are not comfortable managing your own server, or do not have the expertise to do so, then I must suggest you go with managed web hosting.
I think it'll depend on your website and pocket. If you don't want the stress of setting up, you can go for managed vps hosting. Most setting and operation is done by the web hosting provider to may it easier for you.
The answer depends on the technical expertise and level of control desired by the user. A managed VPS is typically more user-friendly and comes with technical support, while an unmanaged VPS gives the user more control and customization options but requires more technical knowledge and responsibility. If the user is not comfortable with server management or troubleshooting, a managed V

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