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  1. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Death cross in bitcoin happened? What's now?

    I want to tell you all that the Bitcoin death cross happened today and in that time you have to be careful and I suggest don't take any trade now as their chanses of heavy free fall in the price of btc and other cryptos. just give some time and let's see the result of death cross and how much...
  2. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Miami Mayor Welcomed Chinese Bitcoin Miners

    As miners have to face Intensive problem in mining due to their governmental rules and bans and also they didn't get any support from big industries. And now they are in their worst condition. But now the Mayor Francis Suare of Miami welcomed the chinese miners to Miami and said that this is a...
  3. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Republican Party going to accept Bitcoin

    The U.S.A Republican party is going to accept donations in btc regarding fundraising for the election more Republic politicians to the house.
  4. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Paraguay and Paraguayan companies to adopt Crypto

    Good news for Bitcoin traders that now Paraguay is on the list to legalize btc. According to sources One of the Paraguayan official Carlitos Antonio Rejala Helman, may introduce crypto bill on the next month. and also an Paraguayan media company named as Grupo Cinco is going to accept Bitcoin.
  5. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS World Bank Rejected El Salvador's Request

    World Bank Said no to the request of El Salvador to help the trop integration of Bitcoin in the tropical nations economy. But it said that it will help El Salvador in the other different problems.
  6. Niftyicon

    ❕NEWS 11 million dollars in Bitcoin paid to hackers by JBS

    According to Blockchain.news, $11m worth of bitcoin was paid by JBS, the largest meat producing company in Brazil to hackers who got into the company systems and planted a ransonware that completely shut down meat processing operations all over the US. The US Investigation team was unable to...
  7. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS The List of all countries who showed their Interest in Legalize Bitcoin

    Recently show many countries comes to front after El Salvador's adoption of Btc and those countries are Panama, Argentina, Uruguay, Tonga, Brazil, Paraguay , Hinduras and South Africa. So, if these all countries become successful in Legalize Bitcoin, then we must see a big pump on it's price.
  8. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS General Motors Plans to Sell Cars with Bitcoin

    Tesla is the first company who announced that it would accept Bitcoin for their vehicle purchase, but now the General Motos shows their interest on accepting Bitcoin for their cars. The CEO of Genera Motors say's that if the customer demand grows then we have no problem to sold our motor cars...
  9. B

    ❓ASK is bitcoin price going down end of 2021?

    Nowadays Bitcoin Price is going up and down and rest on 40,000$, i want to that in the end 2021 the price touches again 60,0000$ or not, because i think that the bitcoin price in the end of this year should be lower then 30,000. because of the end of corona people go back to their works and...
  10. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Reason of Btc's Recent Dump

    After so many good news Bitcoin bounced back and countinued it's progress, but after the recent news it dumped again. The first one is The Indonesia's Central Bank banned the use of crypto currency for payments And the second one is btc recoverd but still the people are in the 'fear' range...
  11. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Panama May Legalize Bitcoin

    Panama can also legalize Bitcoin after the adoption of El Salvador and the decision of South Africa to adopt btc. In Panama the legal tender bill for btc can be introduced in the National Assembly within next two months. But in recent scenario the National Assembly is prohibiting the decision.
  12. H

    Sell CryptoFaucet - Ultimate Multi Faucet Script

    CryptoFaucet is a new type of cryptocurrencies faucet which brings plenty of different features togheter into a complete system. This system was designed to be attractive and easy to use. With plenty of different features this system was designed to bring revenue and promote itself in a short...
  13. CrazySher

    ❓ASK South Africa is also going to adopt btc

    After El Salvador now the South Africa is going to adopt Bitcoin and other crypto assets to boost "Responsible Innovation". The Inter Governmental Fintech Working Group Or IFWG of Africa also recently released a pdf in, they said about the Frame work by which the Government can easily regulate...
  14. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Astrobotic Technology going to take btc to the moon

    Astrobotic technology is going to send a btc in a hardware wallet to the moon and in this work the bitmex will help this private Space company. And this will be done in the Q4 of 2021. Let's see what impact it will give to Bitcoin's price.
  15. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Illegal miners and 441 mining machine seized by Malaysian police

    Malaysian police arrested illegal miners and seized 441 mining machine worth of 1,80,000 Malaysian Ringgit. The miners tried to mine btc by stolen electricity and now in the custody of legal authorities.
  16. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Netherland prime minister's view on btc

    After El Salvador, now the Financial Minister of Netherlands "Wopke Hoekstra" now become a fan of crypto and says that we should adopt and regulate btc rather than banning it.
  17. CrazySher

    ❓ASK CABEI'S head says support for El Salvador' tender to legalize btc

    Head of " Central American Bank of Economic Integration" or CABEI "Dante Mossi" says that they will provide important technical analysis for the implementation of the El Salvador's law to legalize btc.
  18. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Btc brokers important support zone again

    After so many positive news btc break many resistances zone and finally touch the price of $41985.46 bit it again breaks an important support zone of $39,400.
  19. Niftyicon

    ❕NEWS El Salvador and the IMF.

    Sequel to El Salvador's declaration of adopting bitcoin as a legal tender in the country, btcpeers.com has gathered that this news didn't sit well with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Gerry Rice from IMF has said that 'Cryptocurrencies are likely to pose regulatory risks'. How this...
  20. siapatau22

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