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Zeydoo - CPA Network with in-house products & exclusive offers

✅OFFICIAL ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Zeydoo - CPA Network with 10+ in-house products: Surveys, Mobile Apps & Utilities, Sweepstakes, Leadgen ⚡️⚡️⚡️


Jul 28, 2023
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Hey, everybody!

This is the official Zeydoo thread. You've come to the right place at the right time. Why? We've been helping affiliates monetize internet traffic worldwide for over 10 years. I'm sure that behind their success story in the future could be yours too! In the meantime, let us tell you a little bit about yourself.

Zeydoo: 10+ in-house products worldwide

Zeydoo is a CPA Network with a team of professionals that in the last 10+ years have been helping media buyers monetize traffic in such verticals as Surveys, Sweepstakes, Mobile Apps & utilities, Lead Generation. Partners have access to more than 10 exclusive in-house products with worldwide GEO which makes it easy to launch traffic in well-known countries and to effortlessly scale the performance once you find a working bundle.

Zeydoo affiliate network has more than 3,000 partners around the world. The team has been working on the CPA market for more than 10 years. Quick feedback on traffic, regular payments, own user-friendly platform and easy-to-use tech solutions for working with traffic – all of these points guarantee stability and increasing profit for partners every year.

Trustworthiness of the network is acknowledged by many in the affiliate community:

  • AffBank Award 2021 - The best Finance CPA Network
  • https://www.beermoneyforum.com/ Peak Award 2021 - The Best CPA Network
  • OfferVault Winter Rankings 2022 - TOP-3 Best CPA Network
  • https://www.beermoneyforum.com/ Peak Award 2022 - The Best CPA Network
  • OfferVault Summer Rankings 2023 – TOP-2 Best CPA Network

Zeydoo advantages

More than 3000 partners run traffic in Zeydoo turning it into real money. What are the advantages of working with this CPA Network?
  • only exclusive offers that you won't find anywhere;
  • all updates are first tested by the internal media buying team, then affiliates get a foolproof product with a perfectly set funnel;
  • 24/7 engaged competent managers who do everything to help you earn more;
  • quick and regular payments - the company has been paying without delays for more than 10 years;
  • quick optimization and feedback on traffic – no need to wait for a quality check which simplifies the process of tests and scaling;
  • own user-friendly CPA platform – no bugs, 24/7 of stable work;
  • multi-vertical Smartlink that allows you to get the most out of your traffic;
  • unlimited caps – for scaling your funnel with unlimited profit;
  • worldwide coverage – work with any GEO that converts well;
  • custom rates for your type of traffic;
  • higher rates for partners with big volumes.

Apart from that, to partners with big volumes who are ready to spend and earn more the company offers:
  • custom offer rates – we can make any changes if they help increase your profit. For example, in Smart Surveys we can change questions or make change the flow on other offers;
  • user integration and modifications of the products – we can change registration forms, design, user flow or any other parameters;
  • custom rates.
Register in Zeydoo and work with trustworthy partners.

You can investigate the details as well as testimonials in the official Zeydoo review by BeerMoneyForum.

See you soon!
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1200x628_fb&blog&email_eng (102).png

The affiliate marketing niche is getting bigger every year, but the questions all remain the same. This is why we at Zeydoo decided to create a comprehensive guide where we'll discuss the most basic and not so obvious tips on how to launch ad campaigns with any offer and GEO.

Tips on working with traffic: the basics
While working with traffic make sure to implement the following points:

  • check the postback – if it's not set up properly, you won't get your statistics in the tracker and you'll be working blindly. If you can't set it up yourself, ask a manager for help;
  • pass over traffic source in the postback while driving traffic from ad networks – it's crucial because our managers can give you more detailed feedback on the quality of your traffic. This way you'll compile your white- and blacklists faster and will lower your expenses on ineffective sources;
  • start testing new sources with a small daily spending and set limits for the campaign – this way you can test the quality of traffic and avoid wasting money. If you've worked with Zeydoo, just create a new flow for the source so that we can optimize the funnel for your traffic from this source;
  • check the bid in the ad network – always set competitive bids, not the lowest possible so that you'll be able to buy good quality traffic and avoid questions from the advertiser. Also make sure to check your zeroes, it's very easy to make a mistake and have your budget go down the drain;
  • ask your manager for TOP GEOs – remember that your affiliate manager is on your side and is interested in getting more traffic from you. The Zeydoo support will always tell you where to direct your traffic and how to set up targeting to reach the right audience;
  • launch the campaign worldwide and with narrow targeting – but it doesn't mean that WW campaign will bring conversions at a lesser cost. By setting an average rate for worldwide campaigns you can get less traffic (or traffic from lower quality sources). Just test different approaches;
  • carry out A/B tests – test everything: pre-landers, landing pages, colors of buttons on the website, creatives, texts etc. Find the bundle that's working for your and scale it;
  • follow the terms that are set in the offers' cards – if you break the rules, your traffic can get rejected and might not be paid for. Always exclude devices, proxies, GEOs and other targeting options that are prohibited by the advertiser;
  • ask for feedback – our team is always ready to give you feedback on your traffic and help you optimize the funnels for it. We're open to introducing higher rates and extended caps – just ask your manager.

Also don't hesitate to use the tools from ad networks that can make your life easier. For example, use automated rules if you don't want to monitor your campaigns 24/7 and have other tasks to do. And algorithms will do all the work: turn the campaigns on and off, lower or increase budgets based on the parameters you set.

Tips on working with Smart Surveys
Smart Surveys are exclusive offers from Zeydoo with the simplest flow you can ever have. Partners get paid for every user who completes several questions in the survey and … well, that's actually it. These surveys are Finance, Dating, Sweepstakes, Betting.

Yes, the payout is not very high in Smart Surveys. But with this easy flow and the fact that all the offers are completely 'white' you'll be able to lower your expenses in accounts and decrease time on launching ad campaigns. The offers are very stable and haven't had any errors or stops for more than 3 years. You just need to find a bundle, scale it and start earning. What's more the Zeydoo team is constantly working on updating and optimizing the funnels, introducing new designs etc. All of this allows us to guarantee high CR and earn more.

We also want to share some specific tips on working with Smart Surveys. This is what our partner told us about working with them:
"I am buying pop traffic (not saying traffic sources since this is an official Zeydoo channel) and using a push collection prelander from Evadav to filter the traffic that click through to offer. This is similar to Survey exit traffic from Propellerads and as a result quality of traffic improves as you will be able to target and whitelist those publishers that offer you high CTR rate to offer.

This is a number game. So the more click through that you have on your prelander, the higher potential of conversions you will get for a smart survey offer.

Pop traffic is preferred for smart surveys due to the low payout. And you can easily get into profit position if you are able to collect a whitelist of publishers that offer high CTR.

Smart surveys are good for newbies who are looking for cashflow but have a very limited budget on hand to test offers. Payout is VERY LOW. But the offer converts as long as you can get an active audience (click through from prelander). ROI between 30% - 100% is still possible for this specific offer.

I believe the advertiser in this case would be Propellerads for smart surveys. And they are making very good profit reselling the exit traffic to advertisers. With such high profit margin, I think this smart survey offer will stay for years to come. And It is definitely worthwhile to spend time creating a bunch of campaigns that generate a consistent profit from this offer."

We have already published statistics on Smart Surveys. Spoiler: our partners drive more than $400,000 per week to Smart Surveys. Do they convert? Check it out yourself :)

By the way, with the promo code BESMART33 you can get +33$ to your first payment for Smart Surveys. Sign Up and message your manager. Also don't forget to join our Telegram chat Zeydoo to never miss an update.

Scanero from Zeydoo: how to work with utilities and how much it can bring

Zeydoo is here and we want to share a mini case study from our partner who worked with one of our offers – a mobile scanner Scanero. You'll find out how the test went and its results, what the ROI was and if traffic from Adsterra really converts well.

Adsterra does say that utilities is one of the main verticals in their ad network. We'll see if it's true. Go read, take notes and start earning more!

About the offer and costs

Scanero is one of the exclusive products from Zeydoo in the utilities category. The mobile scanner is popular among Android users and allows you to quickly scan documents and convert them into files on your telephone.

Offer: 9407 Scanero : QR Code Reader
Time period: 30.05 – 28.06
Traffic source: Adsterra
Format: Popunder
OS: Android

Talking about profit: we have mentioned in the beginning that this was a test, but already at the start with monthly optimizations in Adsterra the partner managed to get profit.

Spending: $1311.20
Revenue: $2102.89
Profit: $791.70
ROI: 60.38%

While others are driving big volumes in highly competitive niches with ROI <30%, Zeydoo's partners find working bundles with ROI >50% and scale without any special effort in white niches.

More about landing pages and GEOs

The partner used a static pre-lander that encouraged the user to download the app. On the landing page there was a countdown time that made them make the decision faster and improved the CR.

There were two types of landing pages tested: Light and Dark.


In the end both landing pages showed great results, so the partner decided to keep them both.

The main GEOs were BR, ES, VN, SN, MZ, CM, CI, CD, AO, PT, UG:

Traffic launch and scaling

Blacklists were created once traffic just started and they included even those platforms, where it was hard to even get even.
The campaigns were further optimized using the blacklists and working with rates.

Here's statistics for the light landing page:


Statistics for the dark landing page:


Tip! Do not forget to count conversions that come later and check the blacklist regularly. For example, in this case there were a few platforms that later showed great results and they were taken out of the blacklist.

We also want to share this screenshot from our partner with filter by GEO:


And days:



(!) The statistics in the screenshots from Adsterra and the tracker might be a bit different due to temporary bug at the moment the screenshots were made. And, as usual, there can be a slight discrepancy in data.

BR, by the way, was kept even when it ended in the red because of the new platforms and it did affect the total result.
But the situation was remedied by putting these platforms in the blacklist.

As we see, the ROI was quite high for a white offer that doesn't get banned. And you can easily scale your campaign with multiple GEOs. So, don't waste this opportunity to be the first to get profit from Zeydoo's exclusive products.

And, as a reminder, we are still buying case studies from our partners who work with our exclusive in-house products. You don't have to write a case, we can do it for you. All you need to do is give us the stats and data. Check out the details here.

Work with Zeydoo and earn with a trustworthy partner! Go to Adsterra to buy good quality traffic for utilities.

Gear-Up: get the 7% of your profit increase for increasing traffic volume

Zeydoo is starting the new season with this Promo to help you boost your profit. No special effort needed, just increase your traffic volume and get the 7% of the profit increase! In this post we'll explain all the rules that we'll use to calculate your profit and bonus.

The Promo will be live for three months: October, November and December of 2023.

Levels of profit and terms of the deal

It's very simple: there are Profit Levels shown in the table below each corresponding to a Gear Number. Check them out 👇

Gear No.
Profit Levels
$1 000,00​
$2 000,00​
$5 000,00​
$10 000,00​
$15 000,00​
$25 000,00​
$40 000,00​
$60 000,00​
$100 000,00​
$200 000,00​

So, what do you need to do to get the 7% bonus? Increase your traffic volume and profit to reach a higher Profit Level than your last one. Upon participating in this Promo each participant will be granted a Gear Number based on their monthly profit. To get a bonus you will need to increase your monthly profit so that you fall into any Gear Number that is higher than your last one. And if you want to receive a bonus for each month of the Promo, you'll have to upgrade your Gear Number and reach the specific amount of a higher Profit Level every single month. Yes, that's easy. There is no competition between the participants, only effort for your own growth. The more your profit grows, the bigger the bonus will be!

How we calculate your profit and bonus

Still not clear? We'll explain it in more detail 👇

We take your monthly profit from 01.07.2023 until the last day of the last month prior to your registration and we break it down by months and form your first Gear Number based on your highest profit during this period. For example, if you register on 15.10.2023 then your profit will be calculated for the months of July to September and if you register on 15.11.2024 your profit will be calculated for the months of July to October.

Let's take the hypothetical scenario where you register on 15.10.2023 and your profit is as follows:
  • your profit in July is $0
  • your profit in August is $7 800
  • your profit in September is $10 500
Your first Gear Number shall be based on your September profit since September was your most profitable month. Based on the table above, your Gear Number is 4.

If you wish to receive the 7% of your profit increase in October you need to Gear-up your profit to at least $15 000 in order to reach Gear Number 5. Let's assume that your profit in October is $28 300. This increase will reach you even higher at Gear Number 6 and therefore you shall receive the 7% of your profit increase.

Your profit increase equals the difference between your last 2 profits. For this example it equals your profit in October minus your profit in September ($28 300 - $10 500 = $17 800). Therefore you shall receive the 7% of $17 800, meaning the amount of $1 246.

If you wish to get 7% of your profit increase in November, you'll have to Gear-up from your last Gear Number 6 to at least Gear Number 7 and reach the limit of $40 000 profit. In the hypothetical scenario that your profit in November is $50 500 then you shall receive the 7% of your profit increase. Calculating your bonus: $50 500 - $28 300 = $22 200. 7% of $22 200= $1 554. In case your profit for November was less than $40 000 you would not receive the 7% of your profit increase.

If you wish to get 7% of your profit increase in December, you'll have to Gear-up from your last Gear Number 7 to Gear Number 8 and reach the limit of $60 000 profit.

To sum up, in order to get the 7% of your profit increase in October, November and December you need to increase your traffic volume to at least reach the Profit Level of the next Gear Number every month. If you can't calculate the amount of bonus you may text your manager and we'll give you the exact number.

Further requirements:
  • to take part in the Promo you need to fill out the registration form on the landing page and give the email you use for your Zeydoo account;
  • if at any time during the period from 01.07.2023 to 30.09.2023 you profit is less than $1000, exceed the limit of the 1st Gear Number and get a chance to get a bonus in the next month;
  • if at any time during the period from 01.07.2023 to 15.12.2023 you profit is $1000, increase/Gear-up at least once to reach a higher Profit Level and get a chance to get a bonus;
  • a Gear-up at a higher Profit Level is only successfully reached and valid if your amount of profit reaches the exact number indicated at a Profit Level. This rule applies to all Profit Levels;
  • bonus is only given after traffic quality checks;
  • it is prohibited to register more than one account. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify all accounts in breach.
Run traffic in October, November and December and bring more each month, get a higher Gear Number and take 7% of your profit increase.

But that's not it. Become a TOP-5 publisher based on the profit increase and get a chance to win one of these prizes:
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Apple iPad Pro (2022)
  • Sony PlayStation 5
The gadgets will be raffled out with the help of a randomizer till the end of January 2024. The results will be published on our social media – follow us to never miss an update.

To take part in the prize giveaway you need to:
  • be a participant – sign up on the landing page;
  • get a bonus at least once during the Promo;
  • be in TOP-5 publishers based on the profit increase during the whole period of the Promo.
Remember, we're always rooting for your profit! To get new offers and hacks on how to scale your performance go to your manager.
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New deal for Rewardis: giving away a ticket to AW in Bangkok!

Let's get straight to the point. We're going to AW in Bangkok on December 7-8 and we're giving away a COMPANY TICKET to anyone who will increase their traffic volume to Rewardis Multigeo Samsung A53 (Android). It's easy: you run more traffic = you get the ticket!

The deal will be live from 25.09.23 till 25.11.23!


Why even newbies can win: the terms and conditions

Even if you have never worked with Rewardis, you still get your chance. Let's see how it works:

  1. Run traffic to 10118 | Rewardis Multigeo Samsung A53 (Android) from 25.09.23 till 25.11.23.
  2. The affiliate with the highest traffic increase in $$$ gets the ticket.
  3. Done, now pack your bags and see you at AW in Bangkok!
We will evaluate your level of profit based on the period from 25.08.2023 to 24.09.2023.

Partners that have never tried the product before and those who are already running traffic to it are almost in the same position. We do not take into account the current volumes from affiliates, but rather look at the increase in profit compared to previous periods.

What is Rewardis and why it converts well

10118 | Rewardis Multigeo Samsung A53 (Android) is an exclusive Sweepstakes offer from Zeydoo available in Latin America, Africa, the Philippines, Indonesia and India.

A user completes a survey and gets a chance to win Samsung Galaxy A53. To take part in the giveaway they need to leave their name and email at the end of the survey.

Flow: SOI registration
Available languages: EN, ES, PT
Top sources: push, pop
Test cap: $150
Cap (after quality check): $150 for each GEO, but we can consider unlimited caps

The offer works with our Total Hybrid payout model: after reaching the daily cap, your traffic will automatically be switched to RevShare. This way you won't need to worry about getting over the cap or stopping traffic.

Affiliates can access ready-made pre-landers that have already been tested and showed great results.

The product showed great results during tests in Brazil which is why we started adding new GEOs with relatively cheap and converting traffic. We have also increased the rates in Brazil thanks to some optimizations carried out by our internal development team.

You can learn more about the current volumes driven to the offer looking at this stats with the number of conversions that are brought by our partners (and how they are increasing every month.


Follow our Telegram so that you never miss an update and are always in the loop on the new stuff. Register in Zeydoo, start traffic today and get your profit this month!
Used cpalead, mylead, adsterra like cpa network before but the problem is I don't get lead, I have never understood how cpa network lead work I just get visits, even after completion of the offer properly I get 0 leads. Many times links doesn't open properly on different devices. It is (zeydoo) same like them I think, or is it not?
View attachment 44316
Your vote is important: Zeydoo is taking part of AFFILIATE SPACE AWARDS!

You all know we love winning in different awards. We work every day to make sure your profit is increasing. And now we need your support!

🏆 Zeydoo is taking part in AFFILIATE SPACE AWARDS by Conversion Club. We are nominated for being:
The Best Multi-Vertical Network
The Best Smartlink Affiliate Program

🗓 Voting period: 15.10.23 — 15.11.23

We need your support to finish off this year strong. Help us take one more award to the ones we already have lined up in our office. Nothing motivates better than a new victory, right? And we get all fired up when we receive new awards.

Vote for Zeydoo in AFFILIATE SPACE AWARDS! Support us and we'll pay you with new offers and exclusive rates so you can earn even more.

With love,
your Zeydoo team ❤️

Finance Surveys: types of financial surveys and how to work with them


Zeydoo provides a dozen of Finance offers in our Smart Surveys category, but you're still not sure what the difference is? Then this article is for you – here we'll look at all of them under a microscope so that you don't have questions ever again.

And this is our first article in the series of materials about Smart Surveys. We'll tell you more about different types, their peculiarities and ways to make profit with them. This is what we're doing in our blog at Zeydoo: read the materials, start traffic and earn even more with us!

How are Finance Surveys different?

Smart Surveys are in-house products by Zeydoo where the payout is made after a user completes a survey with the easiest questions possible.

Finance Surveys are a financial subtype of such surveys. A user needs to answer 5-7 questions on average that are mostly related to their gender, age, income, desired income and knowledge about how you can earn on the financial market.

Just 6 questions that will take less than 10 seconds to answer – and the affiliate gets paid. Yes, that easy!

Exclusive financial surveys are perfect for Push and Popunder traffic and can also be used as traffic back. Since they mostly have a worldwide coverage you can use the offer to monetize mixed traffic and earn with traffic sources that usually don't convert with Dating or Nutra.

Since Smart Surveys are a Zeydoo product we can give feedback on traffic faster, customize the funnel for your traffic source so that you have a higher CR as well as give you individual rates depending on the quality of your traffic.

If you want to learn more about how to earn with Finance Surveys, you can read one of our case studies.

So, how are Finance Surveys different from each other?

If you go to your personal Zeydoo account and type in Finance, you'll see quite a few offers. So, what is the difference between them and how to choose the one for your traffic?

Okay, let's talk about these offers that look almost identical:

  • 9540 - Finance Survey New Design (Android) - CPL (PO: $ 0 - 0.65) – a survey in a new design for Android traffic. It's been updated and is now much better-looking. We analyzed the behaviour of users on a well converting product and decided to make a few changes to the design that will make CR higher. It now covers 239 countries;
  • 11022 Finance Survey New Design (iOS) - CPL (PO: $0 - 0.285) – the same offer as 9540 only for iOS traffic. It now has 239 countries;
  • 2025 - Finance Survey (Android) - CPL (PO: $0 - 0.65) – a classic Smart Survey with the original design for Android OS. It's black and orange and covers 239 countries;
  • 5522 - Finance Survey (Android) Higher Rates - CPL (PO: $0 - 0.877) – the same as 2025 only with higher rates. It includes 237 countries;
  • 2209 - Finance Survey (iOS) - CPL (PO: $0.025 - $0.5) – one of the first financial surveys for iOS traffic. A classic design that was taken as the basis for other versions. You can work with 21 countries;
  • 9219 Finance Survey (Desktop) - CPL (PO: $0 - 0.425) – a Smart Survey for desktop traffic. One of the newest additions that we've tailored for the mobile format of desktop so that you can reach a wider audience and earn even more. 210 countries are available.
The info here is relevant at the date of this article's publication. Go to your manager if you need the up-to-date data.

You can also talk to your manager if you have any questions regarding the choice of offers or how to work with Smart Surveys.

What GEOs are best for Finance Surveys

If we talk about TOP GEOs to work with Smart Surveys, we need to stress that they'll be different for each offer. Here is an example:

You can always check out the up-to-date TOP GEOs in our Telegram channel or talk to your manager.

Register now and start earning with us today!

Social Survey: making money with social networking & chats

View attachment 33499
Let's see how you can start earning more with 2061 Social Survey and people who love meeting new people. This Smart Survey is perfect for a typical audience looking for a soulmate or just company to chat with. The offer has an easy flow and covers almost all countries. Impressive, isn't it? In this short article we'll tell more about what it is and how to work with it.

Why is Social Surveys different from other offers?

Smart Surveys are an in-house product by Zeydoo where an affiliate is paid after a survey with the easiest questions is completed by a user.

Social Network Surveys is a subtype of these surveys dedicated to social networking & chats. The audience here is your typical audience for social offers: people who want to meet someone new and find a company for themselves.

A user needs to answer 6 simple questions and then 1) the affiliate gets the payment, 2) the user can go and sign up on the chatting website.

You can choose between two landing pages:

  • a cartoonish landing page (English)

  • a landing page with an interactive map where they show girls nearby (English, German, French, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Portuguese and Malaysian).

Best traffic sources for Social Survey

The best traffic sources for these types of offers would be Push, Popunder and Email. This is where we usually get the highest quality traffic from.

You can also work with Facebook. To monitor conversions add your FB Pixel to var_3={facebookpixel_ID}.

Also Social Network Survey can be a great traffic back thanks to its worldwide coverage and easy flow so that you can get the most out of your traffic.

Once you're done with the test cap - $200 - we give quick feedback on traffic, help optimize the funnel for your traffic source and give individual rares. All this will boost your CR and your profit!

What GEOs will be perfect for Social Survey

We suggest you start testing and scaling with our top GEOs for 2061 - Social Survey - CPL. The best converting at the moment are: US 5% | TH 5% | PH 6% | FR 4% | IT 3% | MZ 21% | BD 9% | RO 6% | ML 16% | UZ 12%.

You can always check out the freshest selection of TOP GEOs in our Telegram channel or ask your manager.

Register here and monetize your social traffic even more effectively!

🔥 Smart Surveys that convert well. Weekly digest with TOP GEOs

Hello everyone!

We're thrilled to present our latest selection – check out the hottest Smart Surveys with top-performing GEOs. Dive into the data below and supercharge your affiliate game:

2025 - Finance Survey (Android) - CPL
IN 12% | ID 6% | NG 16% | BR 10% | BD 13% | ZA 18% | TH 5% | PH 13% | MX 8% | MZ 20% | SA 6% | CD 12% | GH 16%

2755 - Sweeps Survey (Android) - CPL
ID 9% | TH 12% | PH 10% | MX 6% | ZA 13% | BR 8% | IN 6% | VN 10% | EG 12% | MY 10% | GH 16% | CL 21% | US 6%

2061 - Social Network Survey - CPL
US 6% | ID 12% | IN 7% | TH 5% | NG 15% | PH 13% | MY 3% | ZA 8% | GH 20% | ZM 27% | CI 22% | BD 9% | MZ 27%

2058 | Betting Survey - CPL
NG 12% | ZA 6% | RO 4% | US 4% | PE 13% | TR 8%

5522 - Finance Survey (Android) Higher Rates - CPL
TH 10% | IN 5% | ZA 6% | PH 6% | BR 4% | ID 4% | MY 3% | US 3% | MX 5%

9540 | Finance Survey New Design - CPL
MX 7% | MY 16% | NG 16% | PH 21% | ZA 20% | TH 14% | MZ 18% | IN 6% | CA 7% | ES 11%

3934 | Sweeps Survey - CPL
IN 10% | DE 7% | ES 11% | BG 8% | US 3% | ID 14%

9210 - Test Your Luck (Android) - CPL
BR 17% | ID 6% | MZ 26% | TH 7% | CD 19% | UZ 14% | NG 12%

11022 - Finance Survey New Design (iOS) - CPL
NG 30% | GH 12% | TH 4% | MZ 16% | VN 4% | ZA 16%

11244 Sweeps Survey (-Desktop-) - CPL
ID 5% | MY 5% | EC 5%

❕Unlock the power of Smart Surveys now. Register and skyrocket your success with Zeydoo's offers: Register here

Love is in the air, and so is the opportunity to score more cash! 💕

Don't miss out on your chance to capitalize on the Valentine's fever! As people open their hearts and wallets for their loved ones, it's time for you to take your profit to seventh heaven!

Check out our hottest picks of holiday-themed offers to make this happen:

✔️13664 | Rewardis St. Valentine's Multigeo Samsung A53

✔️13665 | Rewardis St. Valentine's Multigeo iPhone 15 Pro

✔️(NEW🔥) 13666 | Rewardis St. Valentine's Multigeo Dyson Styler

✔️(NEW🔥) 13667 | Rewardis St. Valentine's Multigeo PlayStation 5

Waste no time — turn this romantic season into your most profitable one yet!
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Top Growing GEOs to Run Sweepstakes: Tier-3 Countries in Focus

Opportunities and insights are what make an affiliate's heart tick. It's all about looking for gaps and tiny window openings, about finding a soil ground that will make your campaign flourish.

Wanna run Sweepstake offers? We got you. How exactly? By providing information on where it's profitable for sure to run your favorite Sweeps.

We don't want to keep you in suspense, so we will cut to the chase right away.

Africa, Asia, LATAM: Where the SOI Sweeps bloom

When hunting for the perfect Sweepstake offer, there are two main things to take into consideration:

#1 The conversion flow - you need to choose between several types of offers regarding how the users will convert. In most cases, you will come across SOI (Single opt-in), DOI (Double opt-in) or CC-submit (Credit Card submit) Sweepstake offers.

SOI offers are perfect for newbies who are still on a learning curve but are eager to make significant profits. They are basically asking users to do the simplest of all actions - usually it's just filling the form with their email address. And as a result their response is huge, so the conversion rate is quite high.

But they are perfect for seasoned affiliates as well. Because it's way easier to scale a campaign based on SOI flow, and to make a steady income stream.

#2 The best GEO - the second crucial step is to decide where to run your Sweepstake offers. And here comes the part you were waiting for:

→ Africa, Asia, and LATAM are ideal regions for launching your Sweepstake campaign. More precisely, it would be best to run Sweeps in these countries:

  • LATAM - BR, MX, CL, PE
  • Asia - ID, BD, IN, TH, VN
  • Africa - NG, ZA

But even more, there's a high potential for SOI Sweepstake offers in particular.

The opportunities are huge. First, because the population in these regions is huge. We are talking about 6 billion people overall. And second, you won't find many competitors.

As for why these GEOs are growing in terms of Sweepstakes, the reasons could be many. But most likely because the Sweeps are still kind of a new and exciting thing in these parts of the world. These landers will be noticeable, and they will awaken interest in users.

"This is a great opportunity for affiliates. The so-called "blindness" for this type of offers has not yet been developed among the audience because they haven't seen something like this before. When the user sees the landing page offering him a chance to win an iPhone – the trust level and interest will be high since this is new," – our Media Buying expert explains and adds:

"The same thing happened with white chocolate when I was a kid. We hadn't seen it before, and when they started advertising it, everybody wanted to try it. It's as simple as that."

Note: Zeydoo tends to open new GEOs quite often, by preparing pre-landings in native languages.

We have a suggestion: Give it a go with Rewardis

In case you want to test the waters in these GEOs, Rewardis comes as the most logical step for you.

Let us tell you why is that.

Rewardis represents a set of SOI Sweepstake offers, suitable exactly for the GEOs we mentioned above. And it comes with 3-10 times higher payout rates than the default ones. How high the rates will go depends mostly on the traffic quality.

"This opportunity we provide to our partners, giving offers that demonstrate high performance based on various sources of traffic, is perfect for affiliates who are looking for ways to avoid fighting with competition and earn significant profits," – the Zeydoo team explained.

Best traffic sources for SOI Sweepstakes in these GEOs are, Social PPC traffic, especially TikTok and Facebook, Native, Email, SMS, as well as Push and Pop traffic

Our expert also gave a tip on the fresh traffic type that could lead to nice profits:

"I would recommend In-App traffic for SOI Sweepstake offers as well. Based on my experience and knowledge, it's running really well. Especially for Rewardis campaigns."

Regarding social traffic, pay attention to what social media platforms are being used in the GEOs you are planning to include in your Sweeps campaigns (like WeChat is popular in China, Telegram has a great number of users in Russia, etc). This could make a huge impact on your campaign performance. However, this approach is not only relevant for Social traffic but for Native as well.

Here are a couple of Rewardis offers you should consider running:


  • Offer link
  • GEOs: Multiple
  • Payouts: $0.04 - $0.45
  • Platform: Android
  • Conversion type: SOI


  • Offer link
  • GEOs: Multiple
  • Payouts: $0.04 - $0.45
  • Platform: Android
  • Conversion type: SOI


  • Offer link
  • GEOs: Multiple
  • Payouts: $0.05 - $0.45
  • Platform: Android
  • Conversion type: SOI

Note: For more information on restrictions and recommendations, visit Zeydoo and check the description of each offer.

Wait no more!. Sign up in Zeydoo, pick an offer, launch a campaign, and watch your profits grow.
This is a very nice review you have taken your time to make a summary of everything that we need in other to make our work easy.
I am sure the payout is not high.
One thing about most of these kind of site is that they could only accept tier 1 countries

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