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❓ASK Where To Sell Domain Names?




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Have you ever bought some domain names and held on to them? Now that you own these domain names have you ever wondered if you can actually make money selling them?

Domain name buying and selling is a very lucrative business and can earn you quite a bit of money online if you know what you are doing and how to buy up cheap domains and sell them again.

There are many people who search online for the perfect domain name. However, the best names are either in use or a person has purchased them and is willing to sell them off. You don't have a choice if you want this domain name. You either buy the name from the person who is selling it, or you choose another name.

Where To Sell Domain Names To Make Money:

Godaddy Auction: This is a useful function of the Godaddy website hosting company. It allows people to buy or sell domain names easily. The yearly membership cost $4.99. As a member of the site, you can bid on domain names, purchase domain names or even sell them off. The site takes a commission for each domain name sold. If you sold the domain name for under $5000 the site will earn a 15% commission from you. However, if the price is over $5000 the commission rate is quite high and it is calculated differently.

Flippa Marketplace: Flippa is one of the most popular domain marketplaces online. You can buy or sell domain names, buy or sell websites, apps, and Amazon FBA in the marketplace. In order to buy or sell on this site, they require a small listing fee. The fees are based on a few criteria. If the website is established if it is a starter site, a domain name or an app. You will pay one fee for the auction listing and another for listing it in the classified section. There is a 15% commission for selling on the site, however, if you use their escrow account the commission is reduced to 12%.

SEDO Marketplace: This is a great marketplace for buying or selling domain names. The site doesn't require you to pay a listing price or even a membership. However, when the domain name is sold, you will pay a commission to the site. The commission rates vary depending on how much you sold the domain name for and the TLD that was made.

NamePros: This is an online forum where you can buy and sell your domain names. The forum won't charge you a commission when you sell your domain names, however, you do need to pay a membership in order to sell on this forum.

NameCheap Marketplace: This company is very popular as a domain name registrar and hosting company. If you have a domain name registered with this site, you can easily sell the name and not pay any fees at all.

ETFY: This is yet another company that helps you manage and sell your domain names. They have a monthly fee that you must pay in order to list on this site. They don't charge you a commission, however, you are paying a monthly fee to keep your marketplace opened.

There are many marketplaces that you can sell your domain names on. Here is a listing of other marketplaces to consider if you are in the market to sell domain names
  • eBay
  • BrandBucket Website
  • Above Website
  • SnapNames Website
  • IgLoo
  • NameBio
  • Brandaisy
  • Catchy
  • Casx
  • NameJet
  • Doaning
  • DomainState
Do you know of any other marketplaces where you can sell domain names? What is the best marketplace that you have used in the past?
You can buy, sell and park your unused or premium domains at Afternic.com
They have an impressive number of domain listing: 5,763,703 o_O WoW! o_O
I think there are plenty of options like - SEDO, Afternic, Flippa and Domainpros. I think domainpros has some random users with not much real portfolio. In case of the others like SEDO and Flippa you'd find some good users from the community. And they seem to be paying a good amount. I have found that for some decent earning it can be good enough there as well.
There are so many market places online to sell your domains. The best ones are sedo, afternic and godaddy auction.

You can also list your domains on several market places like; undeveloped, flippa, namejet, bodis, bido, ebay and efty etc. Also, your domain is a brandable one, try "brandbucket." If you want a quick flip, list on forums like; beermoneyforum, forumcoin and namepros etc, you might be lucky to find a buyer though with little budget as compared to those market places mentioned above.
There are good places to sell ones premium domain it just boils down to what the seller wants. Godaddy auction is very popular as well as Flippant.com and Sedo .Just check out their features and go with the sites that best fit your desire..
Igloo ,Godaddy Premium Listings , Afternic , Sedo , Bido these are the most popular domain marketplaces that offers great opportunity to buy & sell all different types of domains at very competitive price. Good luck
So many of you here might want to sell your domain but you don't know how to go about it, or do you want to rent out your domain to people who will pay high price for it, or maybe you want to buy so to start up. Help is on the way, I will recommend sites that you can go through and they are easy to access, these are the sites listed below that I know of and are real with payments.
1. SEO Clerks; SEO Clerks is one of those forums you can auction your blog for what ever reasons you want it to be, their percentage is not that high and you can cope with it, they advertise your domain on sell bringing more than enough customers to your services and products. SEO Clerks also have other sites which perform same thing.
-Word Clerk
-Pixel Clerk
-Listing Dock.

2- Abidly - you can check out abidly too for same reasons, it is also a good site that involves activities as these.
I was not aware of ionicware having any domain sale. But it looks like there are some people selling it. also the namepros are another group which are into selling. You may want to check that out if you want.
Namepros have taken a lot of reviews. and they seem to be good service. I think on that note it'd ber easonable to say that some sites are good. digital point was one more forum which was good at this. but not much anymore.
Flippa is not free for listing. I haven't tried their paid listing but but as the reviews says, looks good.

But Freemarket and Afternic are good in my opinion as they have their free trial like thing to try first and for high rank listing you can pay $15-$35 for premium.
I just read on a forum yesterday SEOclerk that one can sell its domain there by listing it on the site never knew about that ,so one can take advantage of that and see how it goes.
Forum Promotion is a good place to sell your website and domain names. People will make offers your site and then hopefully you can sell it and earn some money.
I have tried selling my websites and domains through Forum Promotion, however, it did not work for me. I have also tried sedo, flippa and freelancer, however, I was unable to sell my domains through these marketplaces. The key to sell your domains is the commercial value. If your domain has commercial value, you might buyers.
After selling the domain name do you also submit the web hosting provider? or the buyer has to sort himself with hosting the site in another web host of his choice.
There are so many market places online to sell your domains. The best ones are sedo, afternic and godaddy auction.

You can also list your domains on several market places like; undeveloped, flippa, namejet, bodis, bido, ebay and efty etc. Also, your domain is a brandable one, try "brandbucket." If you want a quick flip, list on forums like; beermoneyforum, forumcoin and namepros etc, you might be lucky to find a buyer though with little budget as compared to those market places mentioned above.
Bodis is my preferred option. I have been using Bodis for some good time and I have no problem with them. I can sell off my existing domain names easily and at the same time monetize my parked domains or before I sell them off.
The two outstanding places is Flippa and Sedo for everything domains. Domain selling is a lucrative one. But it needs some study to get it right. So before venturing into it have some deep research about domain buying and selling.
This type of business is being done in the market that people buy the domain and give their contact number on the website that if someone wants to buy the domain so contact at that number or email but they charge much extra amount for it.
I prefer Brandbucket if one can wait and unleash smashing logo to attract customers. Profit is just huge there. I suggest from profot buy secret word brand domains and design logo and put it in line for $1000 to $40000 (they have premium listings too) depending on domsin name logo appeal and how it can fit a business. Also quick earners can choose below $1000 the cheapest domains are sold faster.

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