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ANNOUNCEMENT Minimum Rates & Rules for Posting in Marketplace!

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Mar 24, 2016
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Acceptable Listings & Minimum Rates:
  • Like a Facebook page [20 BMF Tokens]
  • Install app offers [50 BMF Tokens]
  • Subscribe to a YouTube channel [30 BMF Tokens]
  • Follow on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest [30 BMF Tokens]
  • Share, tweet a link on Twitter, Facebook [35 BMF Tokens]
  • Register on a site under your referral link [40 BMF Tokens]
  • Like and comment on a YouTube, Facebook video [35 BMF Tokens]
  • Other small tasks that you need done or have to offer [50 BMF Tokens]
  • Sell stuff and buy services [100 BMF Tokens]
If your offer is not approved means you don't have at least 1000 BMF Tokens in your balance, you did not offer the minimum listed above or the offer is not acceptable.

Not Acceptable Listings:
  • No gambling signups
  • Post fake review of products/services
  • Spam another site
  • Click on short links, click ads on a site etc...
Payment Options:
  • BMF Tokens must be used to pay members for completing tasks
  • Purchase up to 9000 BMF Tokens with Paypal, buy larger amount with Bitcoin, Payeer, Adv Cash and PerfectMoney Contact @BMF
  • Using another type of payment requires admin approval
  • We cover all offers where BMF Tokens is used as pay method
  • If you purchase BMF Tokens and you initiate chargeback you will be banned
BMF does not endorse any sites listed on the marketplace! Use at your own risk!
Not open for further replies.
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