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  1. T


    MYBTCZONE was launched on March 15th, 2021. The company offers its members a contract of between 140 days to 180 days rolling and a daily income of between 1.6% to 2.45%, excluding on weekends. Investment packages. Package of $ 50, gives $ 0.8 / day Package of $ 100, gives $ 1.60 / day...
  2. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Americans are now ready to get payments in btc

    #PayMeInBitcoin trends no.1 in America after El Salvador's recent news regarding btc and this tag shows how much they are interested to accept and use Bitcoin as a medium of payment.
  3. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS India's crypto investment rise up 19,900% in one year

    There are not any certain policy formulated by the Indian parliament regarding cryptocurrencies, but this uncertainty is not able to stop India's rise of investers and crypto industry. From the last one year India's crypto market grows up 19,900 percent from as it become $200million to...
  4. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Recent Technical Analysis of Bitcoin

    Last jump from $29,000-$30,500 took price to $35,500 before rejection but before reaching that level it did retest of support at $32,200. So this time $32,200 will again be important support zone to keep an eye on, If it holds or not. Few factors which I talked about that indicate slight...
  5. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Major Auction House to Accept Crypto

    A big auction brand like Christie's of Britain now intrested to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum in exchange for a painting worth $6 million.
  6. CrazySher

    ❓ASK Top ten coins around 24 hours

    # Coin Price($) 24h% 7d% 1 BTC 31,951 0.8 -10.2 2 ETH 1,817 -0.1 -16.5 3 USDT 1.00 -0.1 -0.0 4 BNB 277.88 -1.6 -17.1 5 ADA 1.24 -1.4 -10.6 6 Doge 0.24 -0.2 -16.1 7 XRP 0.61 -0.5 -19.8 8 USDC 1.00 0.0 -0.1 9 HEX 0.07 -7.8 -27.7 10 DOT 14.36 -0.8 -29.3
  7. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Jay-Z's album to be sold as a Nft

    Jay-Z's first album "Reasonable Doubt", is listed by Sotheby's and Roc Nation to be sold as a NFT in an auction held by them.
  8. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Michael Saylor said China's negative views on crypto a trillion dollar mistake

    "Michael Saylor" - ceo of Micro Strategy in a recent interview said that China is doing mistakes again and again by implementing crypto bans and crackdowns, and by this they Just doing a trillion- dollar mistake. In, simple words they kicking out the profit from crypto, without knowing it's...
  9. Niftyicon

    ❕NEWS The Lowest low for active Bitcoin addresses in a Year.

    According to Santiment, a crypto analytics platform, data revealed that the active bitcoin addresses fell below 900,000 for this month of June and this has been the lowest in the past 12 months. This isn't unusual taking into consideration how low the coin dipped earlier on in the week and the...
  10. crypworld

    ❓ASK Would you prefer bitcoin or fiat for transactions in your country?

    Now that El Salvador has approved bitcoin transactions in their country, would you like your country too also follow their footsteps? Or would you still prefer fiat transactions ?
  11. crypworld

    ❓ASK How to control volatility of bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrency with the highest volatility and is a concern especially for investors and traders. Unless, there are regulations this could be a major hassle for business ventures. Please throw some light how we can regulate the high volatility rate of bitcoin and other...
  12. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS President of El Salvador announced free btc for all

    Now the President of El Salvador, announced that the all citizen of his country will get free Bitcoin of worth $30 for free from their govt. and this is just revolutionary move, which will make the crypto sector more strong.
  13. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS UFCIC - an insurance company in US to accept crypto

    An US based insurer know as - Universal Fire & Casualty Insurance Company (UFCIC) is recently said that they will accept premium payments for permit bonds and direct online license through various crypto currencies like, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.
  14. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Iranian police seized 7000 crypto mining machines

    On June 22 the Iranian police seized 7000 mining machines from a Teheran based abandoned factory in where those machines are used to mine crypto currencies an illegal way.
  15. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Crypto Trader Gains $1,184,154,683,482 from $20 in Coinbase

    This news will going bro blow your mind. A nurse named as Chris Williamson, invested only $20 in a crypto token named as rocket bunny in Coinbase last week and it's explodes and become $1,184,154,683,482 after her trade ends. That's pretty much lucky girl. Wow, and that is the power of Crypto...
  16. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS First Pro Sports League in Canada to Pay Athletes in Bitcoin

    Canada is not much popular regarding crypto sector but according to sources CEBL or the Canadian Elite Basketball league a professional sports league in Canada and also in North America is going to pay the salary of it's players in Bitcoin and this is game changing.
  17. B

    ☑️NEW centralshares.cc Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    I never believe the good testimonies of ce*******es.cc not until I decided to give it a trial and truly they are exactly the true picture of a Good Bitcoin Investment Company. ??????? ☑️ 24/7 online support. ✖️ No withdrawal charges. ☑️ Instant withdraw. You can ??? join below...
  18. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS British retired teacher lost €120k in bitcoin scam

    Teresa Jackson an old retired teacher lost her life savings of €120k in a bitcoin scam advertised in instagram, as per the sources the scammer act as a financial adviser and told the lady to give her money and he will stack them as btc. But after she sent her money he blocked and her and went...
  19. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS What to in this bitcoin death cross situation

    First of all don't worry and don't for a some time and don't trade, just leave it for 1-2 day and analyse the price movement. Then if the price goes down to 30% to 40% buy in that dip as much as you want and this strategy works best for a long term investor but don't worry if you short term...
  20. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS India's rising crypto industry attracting foreign funds

    After the Bitcoin ban lifted from India since 2017, it's crypto industry rised a lot. For example Wazirx is one of them which is very safe and in which billions worth of transactions happened daily. And this type of rising crypto industry attracted the eye foreign investors but their are not...
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