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A Brief History:
Shopify is a very popular name between online sellers because of the ease at which we can work with Shopify and make profits.

Shopify is basically a Platform where we can sell our products and services online without having an Offline store and it provides us services which includes receiving payments from customers, marketing products in a proper and attractive way which can fetch more sales with the minimum of efforts, shipping to customers or resellers.


If we talk about Shopify then its roots are from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 2004 by Tobias Lutke and after that is has developed into a very popular name among online/offline sellers and even buyers as well.

How to start With Shopify: Even if we don’t have any knowledge or expertise in online selling we can still make money by selling our products and services online with the help of Shopify. Shopify is a renowned brand and we can take the premium services of experts available at Shopify to help us in setting an online store over Shopify from scratch which is like a boon for the new comers and for those who cannot spend all of their time and are not an expert in online selling.

We need to follow the following steps to Start Selling on Shopify:

1. We need to have our own domain or we can buy it from elsewhere or from Shopify Otherwise it will have a free Shopify extension. Shopify has the option where we can choose our favorite domain name and it will help in finding if it’s available or not. Having a catchy domain name does help a lot as it will convey our message directly to our buyers or prospective buyers.

2. Having a logo for our business is very important and helps buyers to recognize our business and we can create our own personalized logos from Shopify.

3. We can also take help of the free as well as Premium themes available on Shopify to give our store a professional look.

4. Now, as we have already chosen name, domain and logo for our business, we can upload our Products and services and can start selling and can take a 14 days free trial on Shopify (No credit cards required).

5. After 14 days we can take different plans like

a. Basic Shopify: We need to pay $29 for a month excluding the transaction fee.

b. Shopify: We need to pay $79 for a month excluding the transaction fee.

c. Advanced Shopify: We need to pay $299 for a month excluding the transaction fee which includes 15 Staff accounts, Gift cards, professional reports; Advanced Report Builder and Third party calculated shipping rates which are not included in the Basic Shopify Pack.

6. Besides, we can also go for Shopify Gold or Shopify Lite which have extra features which can help us to stay in touch with our buyers.

Shopify also provides us with 24X7 Support so we can take their help anytime we want.


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there are some people from my country that are working in shopify , they are generating a good income , the only problem that someone can find at the start , is the capital , you need already to have some extra $$ to start with , since you have no products to sell .
thanks for the tutorial !

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