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Closed 10,907 JSECOIN for 5,000 bmf points

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Hello there my brothers and sisters,

Would you like to buy my jsecoin? on coinmarketcap it's turning red and green, i need to sell these 10,907 tokens,

All i need is someone from here willing to do that, with jsecoin account and all i need is your email address in jsecoin account and i can transfer to you 10,907 jsecoin.

You first since i'm platinum here and i will not scam anyone, take a look at my feedbacks as well 100% for trading here and fulfilling bmf transactions.

10,907 JSECOIN tokens for only 5,000 bmf points. I may close this sales thread anytime i want since jsecoin is speculation token.

first one with above-mentioned qualifications gets it!


sorry no sale on this thread. no one got the jsecoin.
@Mr. B please kindly close the thread. thank you very much.
Not open for further replies.
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