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  1. V

    ☑️NEW TradingConcept.xyz Reviews: Scam or Legit?

    Trading Concept Project start: 09/27/22 Investment plan: - Single plan available 0.8% per day forever, with the possibility of reinvesting earnings and opening new investments. - Minimum investment $ 30 Payment Processors: Perfect Money - Minimum deposit 1 $ - Minimum withdrawal $ 0.10...
  2. B

    ❓ASK How Do Cryptocurrency Traders Make Money During The Bearish Season?

    Okay. So this is a kind of really interesting question which was never asked before. We know that cryptocurrencies have been experiencing a huge decline in value since the year 2021 and many cryptocurrency analysts and traders state that this decline shall continue for a long period of time...
  3. MoneyMPT

    ☑️NEW Trade4u.io Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    BMF wanderers, Today I bring you a tested & verified investment system. It's Artificial Intelligence Bot that specialized in HFT (high-frequency trading). This is how it goes: - You buy a bot license - ranging from USD 100 to USD 50K. - You connect the bot to your Binance account (you are...
  4. Dora_WalletInvestor

    ❕NEWS September's most promising stocks

    August was another pretty good month for the stock market, with major averages finishing the month on a high note. S&P 500 noted its best winning streak since the year of 2017, rising 2.9%. The Nasdaq Composite closed the third positive month in a row, having gained 4%. The Dow was a little less...
  5. crypworld

    ❓ASK Is it safe to hold bitcoins in Trading balance?

    Some crypto exchanges have an option for Trading Balance. When we need to trade crypto, we first transfer them from the main balance to the Trading Balance. At times, I forget to transfer the balance crypto, if there are any after trading back to the main balance. So it is safe to keep those...
  6. highspeed

    ❓ASK Is it really useful, trading using stop-loss?

    That Froex is a high-risk investment, well, we should all know that. Every forex website or applications, warn in advance that there is a high possibility of losing the money invested. However Forex Apps such LIBERTEX use the stop-loss system. It is set in a percentage value. If the trading...
  7. wilsnico

    ☑️NEW bit4you.io Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    bit4you is very proud to be the first crypto exchange operating from Belgium at European level. Start Exchanging Crypto Assets with 0% fees ! Use a demo wallet to test different trading strategies without taking any risks. 0% trading Fees Buy or sell your crypto, there are no fees. 2% Cash...
  8. M

    ❓ASK Cryptogalaxy : An app to get crypto market data from multiple exchanges

    Hey, this is Pavan. I just created an open source project called Cryptogalaxy, by using which you can get any cryptocurrencies ticker and trade data from multiple exchanges through REST / websocket and save it into multiple storage systems. Currently supported exchanges : FTX, Coinbase Pro...
  9. ProfitPixels.com

    Closed ProfitPixels.com - Premium In-House Forex, Crypto, and Trading CPA Deals Up To $1000 | Weekly Payouts

    Profit Pixels - a provider of in-house Forex/Crypto/Trading CPA deals for almost all GEOs. We’ve implemented a machine-learning algorithm that automatically detects the most suitable call-center for your traffic according to GEO, language, time, and traffic source, sending your traffic there...
  10. Yuri Freakmore

    ☑️NEW Mudrex.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Today i want to show you guyz this new crypto algorithm trading platform called mudrex which i've been trying for a few days. First let me start by saying its completely safe since you dont make ANY deposit directly to them, their bots connect directly to the supported broker's API (Binance...
  11. AudraMiller

    ❕NEWS Another Crypto Exchange has delisted XRP

    B2C2 a crypto market maker has now officially halted the trade of the ripple coin, as a result of the ongoing lawsuit that the company is facing from the SEC. Once again, as with teh action of the other exchanges, it seems that this is limited to the US citizens and these restrictions will not...
  12. mayush

    ☑️NEW Bestfitraders.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    best fit traders is an investment platform, offering a leveraged investment, trading on stocks, forex, and several digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. does anyone check it yet or even try the investment plans? here what are they offering : if your interested in...
  13. crypworld

    ☑️NEW How does Binary options trading work?

    I'm new to this and I'm a bit nervous. Please give me some tips how to trade Binary options without burning your hands?
  14. Citizen768

    ☑️NEW ??HOT AIRDROPS ⏰✈️

    ? CLOUDEX NETWORK ETH AIRDROP ?Reward 0.18 ETH ? + 0.08 ETH ?Registration link ?https://tinyurl.com/y6atpxx2 (TELEGRAM BOT) Tasks: 1. Join Telegram Channel 2. Join Telegram Community Chat 3. Follow Twitter 4. Send ERC-20 Wallet address Only you control your assets with Cloudex Network...
  15. highspeed

    ❕NEWS The difficulty of mining Bitcoin decreases as BTC falls below $10,000 again!

    No a good news at least for now, for the Bitcoin's traders. After a month of increasing difficulties for Bitcoin mining, the first adjustment in September saw the difficulty drop, although it still remains at the second highest level in the history of the network. The recent high was reached...
  16. onlyprofits

    Would you like to copy the best cryptocurrency traders?

    Many of us want to participate in the market for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, but we do not do so because we do not know how it is done or we do not have enough knowledge to execute certain purchase and sale operations by ourselves. There is a highly valued and useful trading copy...
  17. B

    ☑️NEW Cryptominingroup.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Hello Fellas. This project was launched at 15/07/2020 They are based in Spain. The project is CMG 3.0 And what they do? They do trade on Forex with their own semi-assisted Bots. This means that they're not automatic bots that makes the trades. There are REAL FOREX TRADERS behind controlling...
  18. Omnitech

    Margin trading bot for sale

    Margin.de trading bot for sale due to lack of time. It needs pc or vps to run . The bot has profitable strategies and connects to many exchanges.
  19. HJVC Notes

    JOURNEY I trade Crypto since 2016. Copy trade for free!

    How're you doing financially? Anyone even 7 years old kids from anyone even from North Korea can trade crypto anytime with investment even less than $1. I trade crypto since 2016 without loss and $0 trading fees. I'll now regularly share my trading statistics in easy to understand format for...
  20. J

    ☑️NEW xtectrading.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    X-TEC Trading THE Xtec trading arbitrage developed one of the best cryptocurrency bot arbitration algorithms (btc, ltc, xrp, eth) from the market. And we offer you our shared bankroll; this way you don't need to install any software or have technical support to set up your exchanges. From 1%...
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