1. Decentlady

    ✅LEGIT ForumCoin Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    One of the most reliable and well paying forums that I have posted into. There are many categories of topics to post and discuss on and the community is just lovely and helpful. There are various number of forumcoins allocated per post depending on the categories. To add charm to the forum...
  2. kkckkc

    Amazon KDP check payment elimination

    Hello everyone, I have been in Amazon KDP ebook site for a year but I just find from the site that they will eliminate the payment in check at the end of this year 2017. Then the only way to cashout there will only be bank wire transfer and direct deposit. But many countries are not...
  3. Abdul hanan


    HI friends i hope you all are doing great. i have a few questions about BMF so if anyone is free so please answer me my first question is is BMF paying??? like is this site paying in dollars if yes then how they are paying How they send us money?? and is withdraw only on 25th of every month or...
  4. speedy_izzy

    ✅LEGIT Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    I introduce legit and very old GPT site. This site starts established since 2008 to present time 2019. This site uses virtual currency called coins. That can redeem with their prize list. Earning Coins Member can earn coins with their site offers and daily survey. Moreover, the large number...
  5. ipol12

    PROOF My Fourth Payment from BMF

    Earlier this week, I requested a cash out for PayPal and expected it to get paid at the 25th. But I was very glad that @Mr. B has paid me earlier than expected. I requested payout with more than $6 and this is my payment proof. This time it was paid through PayPal unlike the previous one which...
  6. BMF

    ✅OFFICIAL Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?
    4.50 star(s) 2 Rating

    Ways to Earn Money on Earn Daily 10,000 + BMF Points with Earn 1000 BMF Points per referral {tools} Earn Up to 200 BMF Points per new thread Earn 20 BMF Points per new reply Lock tutorials, people must pay BMF Points for access Earn 500 BMF Points for...
  7. kkckkc

    Best payment processor to choose at the start

    When we are newbie started to earn online, we should find that where we should save our hard earned money. When I start online, I join Amazon affiliate program, then Amazon KDP, then Amazon Developer, hubpages, iwriter, dreamtimes.... etc. There should be no problem as only PayPal and...
  8. AngelaMc

    ✅LEGIT AyuWage Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    What is AyuWage? AyuWage is a website where you can earn money by doing different tasks they offer such as surveys, completing offers and watching ads. How do you sign up with AyuWage? You simply go to the AyuWage website and create an account. You will need to enter correct information because...
  9. Po1son

    PROOF Another payment from Postloop

    I reached payout again on Postloop today. It took me 3 days this time but I am happy that I got this $5 at the end of July. I don't know how long it will take me to reach payout again as some of my favorite forums have gone offline.
  10. ipol12

    PROOF Payment from ClaimBTC

    This is my first and last payment from Claim BTC as I decided to stop using the website. The website is somewhat slow especially to its loading. But still it pays. This is my payment proof from teh website.
  11. OrigamiCrane

    ✅LEGIT Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?
    5.00 star(s) 1 Rating - This is a well paying faucet that you can claim from every hour. It isn't a lot, granted, but money for just clicking a button is still free money. The majority of my bitcoins have come from here so I can verify that they pay. If you would like to be nice and use my referral...
  12. ipol12

    PROOF My last payment from Baagloo last month

    I admit, Baagloo has stopped paying some users since last month. But I am glad that I got paid before it stopped paying other users. Still thankful that I earned this small amount.
  13. Po1son

    PROOF Payment proof from Mylot

    I have been on Mylot for 8 years and I really love that site. Earning is quite slow over there but I love the experience. I have learnt many things and made many friends on there.
  14. kaka135

    ✅LEGIT Figure Eight Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Figure Eight is a human-in-loop artificial and machine learning company. It uses human intelligence to transform images, video, audio and text into high-quality data to train machine learning algorithms. How Does Figure Eight Work? To participate in Figure Eight micro-tasks, you must begin...
  15. iamawriter

    PROOF payment proof from postloop

    I go my first payment and I have another one waiting to be redeemed.
  16. Hades

    ❓ASK How Teens Can Make Money Online?

    As a teen (and thus underage), you have several limitations: you won't be accepted to websites like Clickworker and Mturk, and you may also have some issues trying freelance jobs. But that's not a good reason to give up! First of all, since you don't have a credit card, you should open a Paypal...
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