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My Knowledge and Experience In Revenue Sharing Online Income Website

Revenue sharing website is a type of High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) website. Although unlike literal HYIP website that guarantees their members investments will grow a fixed percentage of profit either per day or per hour, most revenue sharing websites does not offer guaranteed fixed percentage of profit instead the profit will depend on the business revenue of the particular revenue sharing website. But revenue sharing websites are still considered HYIP because they offer huge returns of profit in short period of time (less than 1 year). For example, many revenue sharing websites have an investment offer of 10 USD that will have 150% total return of investment if the member bought an advertising package. This advertising package can be use to advertise the member’s particular website he/she likes and other members of the particular revenue sharing website will be seen. The common requirement to earn in revenue sharing website is specific number of advertisements must be seen by the member or else will not get his/her share of the profit of the revenue sharing website made that day. I invest in revenue sharing website name back in 2016 but turn to scam in 2017.

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What Are The Advantages of Investing In

Although there are many negative reviews about regarding the nature of their business model, it is heavily promoted in There are more than 500,000 daily website visitors if not millions that see the advertisement of Mymatchingads. The result of this is increase of daily member registration in Mymatchingads and daily flow of deposits. New members that join at this moment have a better of chance to get their investment back and get a profit compare to the members that register by next month or next year. The other advantages in investing in Mymatchingads aside from 125% advertising package offer which is sold out as of this writing (this could be a good strategy for HYIP type online income website to prolong their existence and ability to pay their members by moderating the influx of investments) are: 1. there is a forum where members could communicate each other (although forum moderators can modify the posts made by their members, this is adds a legitimacy to any online income website), 2. there is a referral contest with no other condition like referrals must deposit to get a valid entry for 50 USD grand prize and 12 months of VIP membership that costs 499 USD which other revenue sharing websites required, 3. 10 level referral commission that is available depending on the membership type (this is another good strategy for HYIP type online income website to prolong their existence and circulate the cash flow by only giving the special privilege for the upgraded members), 4. other ways for members to earn without investment like get paid to activities like answering surveys, downloading mobile applications or games, liking and subscribing social media account, joining other online income websites, clicking paid to click advertisements, and earning in automatic traffic exchange. In my 10 years of experience (I started earning money on the internet when I’m 13 years old, now I’m 23) no paying online income website that I encounter that pays their members by viewing other people websites automatically without the need to click each of the advertisement.

What Are The Disadvantages Investing In

HYIP type of online income websites that guarantees fixed high percentage of profit in only less period of time are illegal type of investments. It is because most of them rely on the new deposits made by the new investors to pay the previous investors. Even if the intention of the particular HYIP type online income website owner is to provide a legit services like get paid to offers, website visitors, etc. is still not enough reason or a valid excuse for the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) to release an approval to the particular HYIP type online income website owner to categorize his/her online business a legit type of business because all type of investments even bank account savings deposits has a risk involve called inflation and giving a guarantee to the client that his/her investment will get a fix percentage of profit in the indicated time is simply a scammer (changes in government regulation, war, natural calamities, etc. could be the cause). Even though does not give specific time when the 125% total income in their advertising package investment offer will be given to their investors, there is no available information on their website who is the owner, exact real complete address, and genuine screenshots of necessary business permits.

Conclusion Regarding If It’s Legit Or Scam

In my best of knowledge and experience in earning money on the internet for more than 1 decade where I get profit and sometimes get scam in different online income websites, I can say that is 99% scam. Why not give them 100% scam rating? This is because there are no members or any member yet that complaint in other money making forum websites as of today regarding Mymatchingads. Also, 99% scam online income website can turn to 99% legit if they disclose their true company information and shift their business into legit type in which other 99% scam online income website is doing. But take note that I will change the status of Mymatchingads into 100% scam once I received a real report/s or read Mymatchingads members complaints in money making forum websites anytime.

Anyone who is reading this review and still like to invest should only invest the amount of money he/she can afford to lose.


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285 is a PTC website from where we can earn money by

*** Viewing Advertisements provides daily ads and we can earn up to $0.0008 per our own click.

*** Contests

*** Referrals

We can earn up to $0.001 per our direct referral click.

To get paid we need a minimum of $5 and can get paid with Bitcoins.
Trying to access the website but it seems that the site isn't accessible, I'm not quite sure if I have a problem on my end or to the site itself.

Server not found

Cilim Haka Obica

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Just registered to this website, here are available adds for my basic account:
1. Standard ads: 3 x $0.004 =$0.012
2. Mini ads: 2 x $0.002 = $0.004
3. Micro ads: 30 x $0.0008 = $0.024
Sum = $0.04/per day and its $1.2/per month
This website also provides standard CPA/GPT offers, which increases earning potential on this website. There is also revenue sharing, in order to participate in it you need to surf on 10 websites per day.


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Mymatchingads has 2,363 members and has paid out till present 2,106 USD,which is pretty high.I like the design of the site.Checking their forum,there has been no payment proof posted on this ptc site.

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