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Oct 6, 2019
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How to earn?

What is your marketing model?​

INfoBusiness.Network creates business environment that allows our members to earn online. The business model is about managing a large customer base.
We do engage in agreements with online income projects:
  • The company earns a share of the income of the partner project for introducing a large customer base.
  • Our clients earn both through individual work at the partner platform and by new members invitation (MLM). There are number of additional ways to earn including trading internal currency called NBO tokens.

How can I earn?​

1. You can build up a partner network that will allow you to earn a Referral share of your network income based on your role in the network. You get to keep your Affiliate and Bonus levels working with any INfoBussines.Network partner company.There is no need to start all over again when a new agreement is concluded with a new online project.All the networks are preserved as well as Partner your levels.
2. You can trade NBO tokens on the affiliated exchange profiting on the rates difference and competing with other traders offering better service.
3. You can buy discounted NBO tokens on the exchange and sell them to the at 1 USD/NBO par value according to NBO Bonus buyout program.

What are NBO and PRTN assets?​

1. NBO are ERC20 standard tokens that are accepted as the internal currency of INfoBusiness.Network. NBO is traded on the P2P exchange at The par value of NBO is 1:1 USD. Actual value is determined by it’s exchange rate at

2. PRTN assets is the account that the referral income is credited to. The par value of PTRN is 1:1 USD. Account balance is available for withdrawal in accordance with the current terms.


How the referral income is calculated?​

The referral income depends on your network turnover. The turnover increases when somebody in the network makes a purchase and your Partner level is recalculated based on the updated turnover amount.


Here is an example:​

The Agent has sold a product for USD 1000. The network gets referral income as follows:


Compression calculation in this example​

The maximum referral income of a VIP Director is 15%. For example the 3rd partner in your line has sold a product. Al the partners in line have different Partner Levels. The 1st Partner (the one that sold the product) gets 5% corresponding to his Agent status. The one that is on top of him gets 2% as VIP Agent. The following Manager gets another 2%. As a VIP Director you are getting the 6% difference between your 15% and the income that was paid to your network. The compression equals to zero in case the partners following one other are on the same Partner Level.

How do you calculate the Turnover and the Partner Level?​

All the purchases of your network excluding of your own are added up. The purchases are added to the Turnover ONLY if you have active products on your own account. The Partner Level and the Referral income rate are calculated according to the Table 1.

How it is calculated the Partner Turnover to be able to sell NBO tokens to the company at 1 USD/NBO par value?​

  • X - Turnover of the strongest Grouping
  • Y - Summary of weak Grouping turnovers
  • Z - Half of the next turnover goal that the partner is trying to reach in relevance to Y Grouping turnover.
If the sum of weak Groupings turnover (Y) is greater or equals to the half of the strong Grouping turnover(Х), the partner turnover equals to the sum of all Grouping turnovers.


Personal purchases and purchases of the 1st line (personal sales) are excluded from the par value bonus buyout turnover calculation.

What are the NBO token par value buyout terms?​

Participants that have reached a certain level of Bonus Turnover according to Table 1 are entitled to sell NBO at par value. The company can set weekly buyback limits per account.

How does the company buyout NBO tokens at 1:1 USD par value?​

The Company redeems the corresponding amount of NBO tokens from the participant upon him reaching the value of turnover required by the Table 1. Funds are credited to the account and available for the immediate withdrawal.

NBO tokens buyout at product purchases​

The company determines the NBO buyout rate available at the time of purchasing products at partner websites based on agreements with partner sites. The company can set weekly buyout limits per account. Stay tuned to keep abreast of current buyout rates and limits.

Are you looking for a large audience for your product?​

We are interested in products in demand that can allow our members to make money online on an ongoing basis.
Please write to our Online Assistant in the “Chats” section and tell us more about your product if you are interested in cooperation.

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Feb 19, 2020
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Hi. One of the best systems I have seen so far - And it will work on your smartphone or computer, is an Artificial Intelligence Robot, that send premade links from affiliate/cashback sites out to a super targeted audience.

The system is called INB/AI.Marketing. All you really need to do is sign up - It's about a 10 - 15 minute process - then fund an advertising budget amount. That can be as little as $10, but $100-150 is recommended as the minimum because of the way the system works. You won't make much with the $10 :)

From there, the robot takes about 48 hours to get your links prepared and you will start to see sales starting the 3'rd day. This is a real company, using artificial intelligence to super target consumer ads for real products. Companies like Gear Best, Domino's pizza, Lenovo and AliExpress are but a few of the thousands of company's they have JV partnerships with.

This is a basically set it and forget it type of system. Check your account a few times a week to see where you are sales wise, top up your ad budget (New money or from profits) so the robot never stops and take out your profits as needed.

Company has been in business since 2017. This long term, perhaps even willable/generational income. Because it deals in tangiables. i.e. real sales of real products.

Here is a blog post with info:
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