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  1. B

    ☑️NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?
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    Hello Fellas. This project was launched at 15/07/2020 They are based in Spain. The project is CMG 3.0 And what they do? They do trade on Forex with their own semi-assisted Bots. This means that they're not automatic bots that makes the trades. There are REAL FOREX TRADERS behind controlling...
  2. J

    ☑️NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?
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    X-TEC Trading THE Xtec trading arbitrage developed one of the best cryptocurrency bot arbitration algorithms (btc, ltc, xrp, eth) from the market. And we offer you our shared bankroll; this way you don't need to install any software or have technical support to set up your exchanges. From 1%...
  3. B

    SX-Flood Reviews
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    What is SX-Flood? SX-Flood is an open source downloadable software is a social media exchanger, meaning if you want to increase your facebook pages likes then you need to like another facebook page in exchange, but this software aids you in a way that a human can't it does this automatically...
  4. Yselli

    Deal [Software Developer] for any automation and bots -> Save your lifetime and let my software work for you!
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    Hi Community, I'm a software developer from Germany with 5+ years experience in many programming languages. I have a master degree in computer science. I currently work for a mobile app development company. My passion always was to automate any process that has to be done more than once. So if...
  5. BMF

    LivePerson Reviews
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    DIGITAL CONNECTIONS + In-app Messaging + Apple Business Chat beta + Facebook Messenger Integration + Mobile Interactive Chat + SMS + Google Adwords Click to Message + Web Messaging + Offsite Engagements + CoBrowse DIGITAL OPERATIONS + Data APIs + Desktop Content + Mobile Content +...
  6. T

    ❓ASK Trading bot to recommend?
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    Hi guys Anyone who have used trading bots? May you please recommend the one you are using or found reliable Thanks
  7. Kambas

    SUPPORT Why are there Robots on Beer Money Forum?
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    Was just looking in the Forums area on the right where you can see members, guests and ROBOTS?! :Wideyed: What do they want here?! lol But seriously, I was just wondering about this and sure many others are wondering as well?... Would appreciate your thoughts guys, thanks.
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