TheOptimizer Review: SCAM or LEGIT?

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TheOptimizer is a very attractive and easy to use automation and optimization platform preferred by a large number of users all around the world. It helps in the optimum growth of online advertising business with the help of Native and Pop redirect traffic as we can easily automate it and optimize the Rate of Interest saving time and money.

How to get started on Theoptimizer: It’s very easy to join Theoptimizer and before joining we have the option to join as Theoptimizer Native or as Theoptimizer mobile wherein the users are required to enter their First and last name, Email Address, Username, Password and after verifying the confirmation email they can start utilizing the incredible resources as provided by Theoptimizer. While joining we can opt for a free membership for 15 days and can choose any plan they want.

Membership plans on Theoptimizer: There are different membership plans available on Theoptimizer and these are as under:

For Optimizer Native:

1. Native Starter

2. Native pro.

3. Native Master.

For Optimizer Mobile:

1. Mobile/ Pop Starter.

2. Mobile / Pop pro.

3. Mobile / Pop Master.

Payments: Users can only pay with the help of Stripe and Credit card but they should add more ways to pay for the users so that they can pay with the help of PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller, etc.

Why choose Theoptimizer: There are different reasons why users should Theoptimizer over other such services as these are as under:

1. Easy to set up Campaigns.

2. Zero Hassle campaign optimization and campaign management.

3. Users can change the Bids budgets automatically when they desire and it helps them in optimal use of their resources. They can increase or decrease bid if it’s performing well or underperforming as the case may be by looking at its real-time reports. 

4. Possible to create hundreds of ad combinations to numerous sources with one click.

5. Campaign duplication and Bulk content uploader makes things easier and saves a lot of time as we are not required to work from scratch.

6. Real-time cost prediction is possible with the help of Theoptimizer.

7. Possible to accurately estimate the cost and revenue on an ad campaign.

8. Auto Optimization tools make it easier for a user to define the day, week and even the time when it wants its auto optimization actions to be performed automatically without any user involvement.

9. Users can easily manage the tracker Lander and offers and they are not even required to leave the optimizer and this makes it very easy to operate.

Creating Blacklists: With Theoptimizer it’s possible to create automatic blacklists and users can utilize it in their different campaigns and this really makes their work burden-free as they are relieved from creating blacklists from scratch all the time.

Besides, above mentioned pros, there are many things which make Theoptimizer very useful as we can easily create rules for Widgets, campaigns, Bids, and Budgets and these will be automatically controlled by the API Integration used by Theoptimizer and its maintenance free.

Support: Users can contact the highly responsive support of Theoptimizer anytime they desire and they will be happy to help. They can reach the support of Theoptimizer through Skype, E-mail, or web chat.

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