Funnelflux Review: SCAM or LEGIT?

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Funnelflux is a very unique and admired sales and funnel tracking software popular among the bloggers, website owners and everyone who likes to earn money from ads displaying on Blogs, websites, and pages respectively. It is like an illustration depiction of our CPA, Landing pages which also keep an eye on the clicks received on targeted ads and their transformation.

Funnelflux allows us to assess the situation of our money spent on Ads and figure out the profitable and non-profitable sources. Besides, we can find different online trackers or spy tools which can help us in getting information related to our competitors and their data related to Ads, earning sources, targeted campaigns but there aren’t any popular software’s which can help us in evaluating our own situation which is so much vital as it could burn our hard earned money and will hamper our business but its Funnelflux which can help us in evaluating our own performance and highlight the changes we should make to switch our funnels to make profit out of our targeted visitors. 

How to create funnels on Funnelflux: It’s almost impossible to build funnels on any other sales and funnel tracking software but on Funnelflux it’s so much easier that even a layman can create funnels as per his or her requirements. We just need to visual editors and can build simple or complex funnels and assign a specific percentage to it which we can change at any time as per our convenience.

Available funnels to preview: There are different funnels available on Funnelflux and these are as under:

1. Simple Lander and offer.

2. Typical Affiliate funnel.

3. Email opt-in funnel.

4. Up Sell and Cross sell

5. Advanced Routing.

Reason to choose Funnelflux:
 There are different things which make Funnelflux very important and even mandatory software for bloggers or website owners. It’s possible to keep an eye on our campaigns with the help of Funnelflux and easier to point out the sources yielding max sales or leads, sources which are underutilized or not utilized to their full potential.

Below are a few of the major reasons, why we should choose Funnelflux.

1. We can get to know about the demographics of our visitors.

2. We can get to know about the gender and age of our visitors which can help us in targeting the specific age group and it will ultimately help in proper utilization of our planned resources.

3. Reliable and working sources of traffic.

4. Popular advertising between visitors.

5. Data required for funnels can be arranged in the required order.

6. Filtering out any activity from automated software like bots.

Despite all these pros Funnelflux should try to make the software easy to manage as it can take time for users to get used about it. Although, users have the option to contact support at any time they want and Funnelflux support will be happy to help.

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