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Binom is one of the popular names in self-hosted tracking platforms and is widely utilized by digital marketing professionals, affiliate marketer or media buyer for their different campaigns and keep to track of their received clicks, traffic, leads, and other related data. The data collected with the help of Binom can be used to create real-time reports which can be easily understood even by a layman to take timely action for the future.

How to get started on Users can join by providing details like Email, Name, Username, Passwords, Skype, telegram, we chat, etc. We should mention the source from where we get to know about and can provide the promo code if we have. Binom is providing a 14-day free trial to all new users and they are not even required to enter their payment details for the same.

Why choose Binom: There are many things which make Binom a standout between other available tracking platforms for digital marketing professionals and these are as under:

1Eliminating Errors: Users can easily track and remove the errors and miscalculations in their campaigns which will increase their profitability as they will use their resources optimally and will also increase the ROI of their campaigns. 

2. Speed: Speed is the most vital Key Performance Indicator and with Binom it’s possible to get the real-time results which are most important when you have different running campaigns and can take timely action on them looking at the performance of campaigns with the available traffic.

3. Work Organization and Traffic allocation: With the help of Binom it’s possible to manage the organization effectively which will help us in managing each level on the platform effectively and can allocate the required traffic to the running campaigns in a way which will suit our requirements and fetch best possible results. That’s why Binom is an essential part of a digital marketing professional as they can take timely actions for the fruitful results.

4. Multilevel Real-time Reporting: It’s possible to create multilevel real-time reports with the help of Binom which facilitate the decision-making process and we can get to know about the details related to the number of clicks, leads and can easily filter out the data required for our reports.

5. Tracking: There are different parameters which are available only with Binom and these facilitate tracking of available clicks and traffic in the best possible way to fetch fruitful results like 30 Click parameters, Improved post back, updating costs, conversion status and up-sell, Import click cost from traffic source, transfer conversions to the source, work without redirects and many more.

6. Cost Effective: Binom is very cost effective and anyone can take its services just by paying $828 for a year so it’s only $69 for a month with a 30 % saving as users who opt for a month’s subscription needs to pay $99 for a month.

Support: Users can contact 24 X 7 support of Binom anytime they want and they will be happy to help.

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