Perk TV App Review: SCAM or LEGIT?

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How Does Perk TV Work?

Perk TV is an app that is created by a company called Perk. I’m sure everyone has heard of Perk TV, Perk TV Live or even Viggle before. These are all well know apps that people can download and install on their mobile device. Each of the apps has a different task and way to earn points or token. The app is available for Android or iOS devices and it is easy to download these apps from the Google Play Store or The App Store. Once you’ve joined Perk, it is easy to use the different apps and accumulate points that you can transfer to your Perk Wallet. You’ll need to install the Perk Wallet on your mobile device in order to transfer your points for cash or gift cards. What is great about Perk is that they allow you to work on more than one app to earn points that can be transferred to your Perk Wallet. This makes it a lot faster to redeem cash or gift cards from this app. The app works best in the US and you’ll earn more points when watching the videos. However, the app will work in other countries, but it is not available in all countries. The gift cards you can earn from the app are basically for stores in the US and are not available worldwide. Therefore, you’ll need to accumulate enough points so you can cash out to your PayPal account.

  • Before you can start earning points or token it is necessary to create an account with Perk.
  • You can do this on the website or go directly to the Google Play Store or The App Store to find the app you want to install. Once it is installed on your mobile device, you can register with the company and create your account.
  • There are two choices for you to register with this company. You can either use your Facebook account or you can use an email address. The company will still ask you for your Facebook account if you have one.
  • Now that your registration has been completed, you’ll need to visit the Google Play Store or The App Store to find Perk Wallet.
  • Download and install Perk Wallet on your mobile device. This is important because the points you earn on the app need to be transferred to the wallet before you can redeem your cash or gift cards.
  • Now you can start using this app. On the home screen, you’ll see different video trailers you can watch. Most of the trailers are for TV shows, movies, o even new apps. Just select the one you want to watch and click on the icon. The trailer will start. You’ll need to watch this to the end in order to earn your points.
  • If you add a thumbs up or thumbs down at the end of the video, you’ll receive 50 tokens in your account.

What is The Difference Between Points or Token on Perk TV?

Points – The points you earn while watching the videos can be transferred to your Perk Wallet. Here you can accumulate all the points you earn using the different Perk apps. Once you have enough points in your wallet, you can select from a large number of gift cards, cash to your PayPal account, or even buy airline miles that you can use to purchase your airline ticket with. The points can also be used to buy different electronic items from the site.

Tokens: The tokens can’t be redeemed for gift cards or cash. You can only use your tokens to enter different sweepstakes the site has to offer. The site will host many different sweepstakes where you can win gift cards, an iPhone, Android phone or even a gaming console. You’ll need to use your tokens to enter the sweepstakes and take your chances of winning one of the prizes.

Has anyone ever tried Perk TV app?

Perk is a well-known company and they are a legitimate company that will reward you with points or tokens for using their different apps. As long as you have the Perk Wallet installed it is easy to redeem your points.

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