Review: SCAM or LEGIT?

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MyLead is an affiliate network that you can join to start earning money online. It is so easy to sign up with the company for free and learn how you can start making money today. Don’t worry, the company doesn’t require you to invest any money to start making money today.

With MyLead Partners program, there is no need to invest cash to earn money as a partner. Furthermore, you don’t need any skills at all to join this program. All you basically need to do is create a free account and get started today. The affiliate program is opened worldwide and it makes it easy for anyone to join this program.

The 5 – Step Earn Money Process with

Step 1: When you create your account, you’ll have access to the management system and exclusive guides for you to use.

Step 2: You have the choice of over 500 different affiliate programs you can advertise. The site has plenty of mentors that will help you and get you started.

Step 3: You’ll need to create a link or banner that can be used on your website or blog. Furthermore, you can share these links and banner on all of your social media accounts.

Step 4: Each time a person makes a purchase from your affiliate link, you’ll earn a commission up to $270. You can display your affiliate links in a banner or as a link for the person to click on.

Step 5: It is so easy to withdraw your earnings to your bank account or your PayPal account. You just need $15 in your account. Your request is processed within 48 hours.

How Can You Earn Money with ?

With the MyLead Affiliate network, there are several ways you can earn money as an affiliate working with this company.

CPS: With CPS offers, you’ll earn a commission for every purchase a person makes using your affiliate link or banner. Here you’ll receive a commission on all the products and service a person purchases through your affiliate link. The advertiser will pay you a commission based on the percentage of the person’s shopping cart.

PPI: Each time you generate a lead that leads a person to download and install the software that you’ve advertised, you’ll earn a commission based on the number of downloads or leads that you generate.

CPL: For every lead or email address a person leaves for a company, you’ll earn a commission based on the leads you generate. Normally, this is used by banks, insurance companies or even telecommunication companies.

IVR: You’ll be promoting a phone service or call center service. Your earnings are based on the duration of the phone call. The only thing you need to do is advertise these services.

CPA: You will be advertising on your landing page or website pages a program for a person to invest in. The person will either need to send out an SMS message or purchase the service using a debit or credit card. When this happens, you’ll earn a commission based on the action the person has taken.

SMS Chat: You’ll be advertising a prepaid call center or an SMS number for the person to use. When this person uses the SMS number and sends a message to the call center, you’ll earn a commission on each action that is taken.

SMS: You earn a commission each time a person signs up with a one-time premium payment or a subscription for receiving cyclical and paid messages on their mobile devices.

Why Should You Join Affiliate Network?

This is a global network that anyone worldwide can join. It is easy to sign up with the company for free and start earning a commission using your affiliate links and banners.

The company is in Poland and is the only company that offers 9 different payment models for you to earn a commission from. Furthermore, the company has partnered with several hundred different programs to make it easy for you to find the right products or services to advertise.

Furthermore, if you are new to affiliate marketing they will help you and train you. There is no reason why you can’t earn money with this affiliate program. The support is available around the clock and they are there to help you every step of the say. The company is in business to make money and to help you make money. Join today for free and start earning a commission advertising the different products or services the company has to offer.

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