Microwork App Review – SCAM or LEGIT?

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Microwork is a mobile app by General Blockchain that pays users for completing quick and easy tasks. The app is currently available for Android but according to the devs, an iOS version is coming soon. The app basically works by offering you different tasks mostly based on your current location and you earn USD for each successfully completed task. You can then withdraw your earned USD after reaching the minimum payout of $1. Currently, the app pays out in ethereum but the devs promised to add more cryptocurrency payout option like Bitcoin.

Types Of Task That Microwork App Offers:

1. Photo-Based Task: This type of task involve capture and uploading photos of animals or objects like funitures, fashion items, logos and more. The devs claim that uploaded photos are used to train Artificial Intelligence to understand/recognize objects or animals with better accuracy.
2. Location Based Tasks: These are basically tasks that are offered to users based on their current location. This kind task can be anything like completing a review, taking a survey, taking photo of a place or even attending events.

How To Get Started with Microwork App:

1. Get an Ethereum wallet in case you don’t have one. You can easily get one from MyEtherWallet, Coinbase or Luno.
2. Download and install Microwork app from your device respective appstore (only available on Android with iOS version coming soon).
3. Launch the app and register with an email and a password then confirm your email via a mail that will be sent to you.
4. Login and accept the app’s permissions expecially the permission to use your device location (GPS).
5. Depending on your region and available task, you will find a list of tasks to perform.
6. Complete the task and wait for it to be approved.

Minimum Payout: $1.
It is important to note that payments are currently sent via ethereum and value might vary depending on the current value of ethereum

1. Task can be very simple and easy to complete.
2. Low cashout limit of $1.
3. Very fast cashout.
4. It pays in cryptocurrency, meaning payout is available to everyone from any country as long the the app is available in your country and cryptocurrency is not illegal in your country.

1. The app in not currently available in some countries like Pakistan, Philippine, Bangladesh and India.
2. The app is not supported on rooted android devices.
3. Does not support FIAT payment gateway like PayPal, Skrill etc. According to the devs, cryptocurrency is the core idea behind the app so FIAT payment might not be added anytime soon.

This apps is legit cause they are alot of payment proofs. It is important to note that there are some task that require you going somewhere within your region in order to complete.

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  1. He estado usando la app por un tiempo pero actualmente tiene un problema con los pagos cuando trato de retirar mi dinero me da error y ya tengo casi un mes que estoy tratando con el departamento encargado de la app y no me dan respuesta…

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