What To Do When You Code Is Not Working


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One frustrating thing about computers is that they take what instructions given to them whether malicious or otherwise. It can be a really frustrating moment for computer programmers when certain code is not giving desired output or failing to compile due to wrong set of instructions. Here are things you can consider doing whenever your code is failing.

Seek For Help:
There's a great chance that you are not the only experiencing such issue, try searching for the error you are getting on search engines or posting your issue to developers forum. One thing you can also do is looking for open source implementation of what you are trying to achieve, chances are that you might be missing some steps.

Take A Break:
This is quite important cause chances are that you are burned out after spending hours coding. Take a break, relax, go for a walk, eat or take a shower. You will see that gradually ideas / solutions will start flowing in.

Have A Chat With Rubber Ducky:
This might sound silly but find a rubber ducky and explain to it what you are trying to implement and the problem you are currently facing, like magic you will start seeing solutions (this might not work in some cases).

Those are some of the things you can do when your code is failing, will love to know what you do when your code is failing.


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Nice advice. Sometimes one missing bracket can make a lot of errors. I often check use syntax checkers for find errors. It's very helpful. Some meme related to topic.


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You have some good points but it’s worth mentioning that you can often solve the problem yourself simply by reading the error message. I see too many people that go straight to the internet for help when their code isn’t working, even though they could easily have solved it themselves.

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