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❓ASK What is Web Hosting?


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Mar 5, 2014
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In this tutorial, I’ll be talking about web hosting and what it is. For anyone who is new to working online, building a website or blog this is a good tutorial for you to read. It will help you to get stating and find the right company to host your new website or blog online. One thing to keep in mind when you are reading his tutorial is that selecting a hosting company is like selecting a storefront or office space for your business. When you open a new brick and motor business, you need a place for your customers to visit. This will require you to shop around and find the best location for your new business.

This is basically the same for anyone who wants to open up an online business. You will need to shop around and find the best company to host your website on. When you are looking for a hosting company, you’ll need to shop around to get the best deal and to make sure this company has a good reputation. You don’t want to trust your business to a company that always has problems and your new website is offline all the time.

Web Hosting:

The definition of Web Hosting is a company who offers a service to you. They are there to post your new website or blog online so people can access your brand new site. This company has the technology and provides this technology to you for a fee each month. The company has invested in different servers that are all connected to the internet and on each of the servers they can host hundreds of different websites depending on how much space you require or rent from them.

This is basically the same as renting space in an office building, except here you are renting space on a server. The company loads all your website data to their server and posts your website on the internet. When a person searches for your website, the internet will direct them to your IP address on the web hosting company’s server. Each website that is hosted on the server has a unique IP address that the company has assigned to your website.


If you want to rent space on a server through a web hosting company, you’ll need to have a domain name first. You will need to select your unique domain name and pay the fee for the name for a year. Once you have purchased your domain name it is possible to contact a web hosting company and rent space on their server. Just keep in mind that owning a domain name isn’t all you’ll need. You’ll need to use a program that allows you to write HTML that is used to create your pages on your website.

Some hosting companies will offer you a way to create your website directly on their servers. You can also use WordPress to create your website and load the program to your space on the server. Now you can move all of your web pages to space on the server that houses your domain name and a certain amount of allocated space for you to use.


Just keep in mind that a web hosting company is the same as a real estate company. The hosting company is renting you virtual space on their server where a real estate company is renting you physical space in a building.

Does anyone have anything else they’d like to add? Would love to hear your ideas about web hosting and what you think.
Web hosting is an internet service wherein all your website files are stored on a server space for the all to be viewed via the world wide web.
Web hosting is a a paid, or free service. It allow people to post a website on the internet and there files are kept safely in a server on the internet.
Webhosting is the act of making a website be accessible on the internet by some hosting company,these services are rendered to both individuals and organisation.services like giving them storage space and access to the internet for their sites.
Yes that's right as the op said web hosting is no more then a storage where you can store your site files,database while some other people usually expect from the hosting service more then that such as help in personal issues of their sites,script problems etc...
Webhosting is one of the types of service where host allows their memory storage for save our all types of files of the website. Webhosting can be paid or free.
Well said, bravo. It all implies that without a hosting service, you can't have your website up and running since its files will not be stored anywhere. This makes me ask if providers like Google's blogger also have hosting and if yes, how do they manage to accommodate that number of sites? Does it mean that they incur huge costs of hosting since many people use resources on their services?
Web hosting is a service that allows individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible via the internet. Essentially, web hosting providers rent out space on their servers so that website owners can store their website files and have them accessible to visitors around the world.

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