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ASK What is a Domain Name?

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I know for people who are new to the Internet they are always curious when they hear new terms being pushed around. They are curious to understand these terms and what they mean. Especially if they want to try and make money by building a website or blog. It seems that everyone will recommend that you start your own website or blog in order to make an income each month. When this happens, people read about domain names, niches, and affiliate marketing. This leaves a lot of unanswered questions in their mind and where to start.

So let us start at the beginning and understand what a domain name is and how important this name is for you.

Domain Name:

This is the name of your website or blog. The name you choose will be used online for people to find your blog or website. This is sort of like a company name or your brand. This tells people who you are and how they will look you up when they do a search online.

Picking your site name will be one of the most important decisions you make. Just keep in mind that you can always rebrand your site and change the name, but at the same time this can confuse people and you will lose visitors to your site.

The name you choose will be used to identify your website or blog and it also identifies the computers on the internet. Each computer when it is attached to the internet has a unique IP address that is only associated with one computer. This IP address can’t be associated with more than one computer, otherwise, there is a conflict and many problems arise when this happens.

In reality, your domain name is actually a string of numbers. If you’ve ever configured your home router, you’ll understand that your router has a unique IP address that you must type in your browser in order to open the connection to your router. Your domain name has this same unique IP address associated with it. However, in the world of internet, it is hard for people to remember these strings of numbers so they convert these numbers to a name which makes it easier for people to remember and find.

How To Choose A Domain Name:

When you are creating a new website you’ll need to name your website. In order to do this, you’ll need to choose a unique name that nobody else uses. Your name can be a mixture of letters, numbers, and have a variety of extensions at the end of the name. The domain name for this website is Here you can see that the name is using upper and lower case letters and has decided to not use any space between the words. This is your choice and you can add the spaces between the word when you pick your domain name.

If you want to see the unique IP address for this site, all you need to do is go to the IP lookup and type in the domain name. Here you can see that the IP address for this website is or So what does that mean? It means that you can access this website by typing in or you can type in and access the site.

As you can see it is so much easier for you to remember than it is for you to remember the IP address associated with this website.

Just keep in mind your Domain Name is your business name and this is how a website visitor or a customer will find you online. Choosing this name is basically the same as choosing your business names like Starbucks, or even TJ Max.

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