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❕NEWS Vevo network round 2 Earn 34 $


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May 30, 2019
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New Airdrop: Vevo Network (Round 2)
Reward: 340 VEVO
Referral: 30 VEVO

Airdrop Link: IMG_20200913_174507_188.jpg Airdrop Bot

?Join Telegram Group and Channel
?Follow Twitter, Like and Retweet Pinned Post
?Follow Facebook, Like and Share Pinned post
?Join Advertiser Channel
?Follow Advertiser Twitter

Note: Airdrop will end after 20,000 Users join. Then, Rewards will be distributed to your wallets.(Remember total reward 340 VEVO. If you do the optional task also then you will get full reward but if you don’t do the optional tasks then you will get 170 VEVO)

Additional Information:
VEVO is an open source platform in which everyone can use the code and token to needs.
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