NEW Tunecore Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

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Tunecore - sell your music worldwide online.

As independent artist it is hard to know where to sell your music, and how to get the most revenue out of your songs.
With Tunecore you can easily manage these problems. Register an account and verify your email.
After verification you can start uploading your music.
You need to pay for each upload. Every single is $9.99 a year, albums are $29.99 for the first year and ringtones are $19.99 a year.
As you can see it is the cheapest to upload full albums because a three singles are the same price as a full album.

After uploading your music Tunecore will distribute your music worldwide to over 150 digital stores. They will also manage your Spotify account, Google Music account, Apple Music and Itunes. Most of these online stores will gather revenue for you. Tunecore collects those earnings and deposits it in your personal account from which you can withdraw your money. As artist you might miss stores or miss out on potential revenue because you don't have a studio looking into these things 24/7.
This website will do that work for you.

Do they take a cut from my earnings like a normal studio?

Tunecore does not take any commission on your earnings. They only take a flat fee every year that is pretty low compared to a studio, but you still get the reach of a studio.
The company will also protect your personal property on various sites such as Youtube so other uploaders won't steal your content. They have automated systems for that. This is a hard job as independent artist which can be quite helpful to stop most piracy.

Tunecore promotion.

Tunecore works with music supervisors that are always looking for new talent. They will pitch your songs for TV placement, games and other media. I personally think you rather have a small chance but if your music is exceptionally good it is worth a try.

Personal coaches

The website employs guides that help you with the distribution of music and collect the most revenue from your music. They will guide you with finding new uncommon grounds to promote music and advice with what will work the best for you.


These days it can be hard to stand out as an artist. Especially with so many social media out there and so much competition a site like this with a small fee can help you stand out among the crowd. If you are a competent artist this might be that small boost that you need. The price is rather low which makes it worth a try.

Did you use Tunecore before? What are your experiences with their coaches and distribution process?

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