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Feb 18, 2019
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Czech Republic
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I use this app already, there are confirmed choices and the possibility of infinite profit just from that bonus.

It is a trade app, ... it is possible to go just as free and or even send some USD for trading.

It is necessary to register via link by mobile, (you will receive a link) -
Sign up via this link you get for the first 3 days from start use coupon to trade 200 USD coupon plus 10usd credit balance and if you hit the trend, growth or decline, you benefit from this bonus up to 6 USD directly to your direct wallet and it can be used for further trading.
App has various other options how to earn daily credit USD valid for a couple of days and from this way to gain substantially more usd to your direct USD balance. Here, after verification, either select or use for further trading or withdraw.
Bonus USD credit is valid for a few days .... then it can be used for trading on that day. Mostly from 5 USD due to margin.
App has main chat and it is possible to follow successful traders, ie. copy trading, etc ...
Owners keep moving every month forward and check out the whole system and innovate the app. As I wrote, there is the possibility of going this whole thing for free without investing.
Firstly, the use of a 3-day 200 USD coupon is usually limited to a profit of 6USD when properly traded during growth or decline, and also a directly tradable 10 USD credit without any restrictions.
Both good price prediction are credited to your direct balance for profit. Credit balance is limited for time trading.
If you are not lucky with trading and waste your allocated coupon and bonus credit, do not mind, because daily in the "task" at every day login and daily check claim you again the bonus credit for trading increases. You also get eg 30 USD for verification (KYC), contract information 2 USD,
responses to the basics of trading also 2 USD, watching the advisory video too 2 USD, and so on. There's options for getting USD credit more.
In the section market you can "bet" on the growth or decrease of steam BTC / USD, XAU / USD, XRP / USD, ETH / USD, NICKEL / USD, LTC / USD, COOPER / USD, USD / CHF, USD / CAD, GPB / USD / NZD / USD / AUD / USD / USD / JPY / XAG / USD / EUR / USD.
To register, click on the link above or here and you will see a page where you click on "Claim now" to choose if you want to register by facebook, just by email or phone number. Enter your number or email and you will receive a link.
Download the app, sign up,
first consult what is in the app and then claim the coupon and the initial 10 USD bonus.
Then just luck and the right choice to grow or fall in price and earn. If anyone wants to help, feel free to write. App is quite simple, it is only advisable to orientate in it

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