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Deal Telegram bot for sale


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Jan 26, 2020
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Deligate tasks bot is a telegram bot where users were payed to perform certain tasks such as follow on twitter, instagram, like post, retweet post, subscribe to YouTube channel, etc. I personally had withdrawn a total of $4.5. Proof is in the screenshots attached. Payment method was in NANO, PAYPAL OR ETHEREUM. The business model was that they are paid by advertisers to help them get engagements on their social media pages. Their original mode of operation was to pay out 90% of revenue to the members of the public, who are the ones who do the tasks, while they retain 10% as their own profit . But the bot was stopped temporarily since May, without any news from the owners. Some days ago, the organisers let out this announcement.

"Dear Deligate Community, we are sorry for a long delay, it's been tough 6 months for our team

Due to personal reasons Deligate team would not be able to continue the project and hit planned 1 million userbase and millions of tasks in our platform ?

We, the founding team of Deligate, still believe this project can become a superstar in among micro-task management platforms and help millions of people from around the World to make a decent living by using it.

If you know someone who will be able to continue our journey and make Deligate into successful startup/ICO, we are willing to sell the technology, domain, telegram chatbot, telegram channels and groups.

What makes Deligate different from other "money-making bots" and micro-task management platforms:

1. unprecedented speed for Telegram chat-bot with over 50 000 transactions per second
2. over 120 000 people who have used the bot/ still in the bot
3. trusted community from over 100+ countries, started with Deligate Giveaways back in Q2 2019
4. 800 000+ micro tasks completed ?

We had spent tens of thousands of dollars developing the technology, thousands of hours of community management and growth hacking, and would not be able to part with it for few hundreds of dollars (so please do not send ridiculous lowball offers). Feel free to discuss the sale and make an offer to Ben @benscr

Sale of just a technology for a chat-bot under white-label is also a possibility!!!

To make things even better, we will implement 10% referral in case you bring a buyer outside of Deligate community and we close a deal with that person ?"

I decided to help find a buyer, so that rather than get a 10% referral bonus, I'll get a 5% bonus, while the buyer will b given the remaining 5% off as a discount. The discount code is MADMENSPOKES

The bot goes for not less than 5000 dollars. The price can be negotiated with the seller.

The link to the official announcement channel of deligate tasks is as below

The link to the now non functional deligate community is

On the menu of this group, you'll find all other useful links.

IF You are interested in buying the business, you can send an enquiry message to the bot admin on telegram @benscr
Via this link


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