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Nov 10, 2019
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Are You Looking for a Crypto Casino?
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Asia Live Tech's Fiat or Cryptocurrency Online Casino Solution

We all know that the future is digital. As we are the First Cryptocurrencies iGaming Software Provider in Asia, we perfectly know that.

That being said, the world we live in today as already a fair share of player preferences in the market where some prefer the traditional fiat way of gambling online and whereby some prefer a more secure method which involves cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin all the way to the latest altcoin in the market.

Thus if you are planning on starting your own online casino, they time is perfect right now.

With Asia Live Tech, you get to setup your very own online casino packed with all the casino game favorites of players from live dealers, slots, keno, Asian lotteries and most important our very own sportsbook. Here's the best parts all our games support fiat or any cryptocurrency or altcoin.

Asia Live Tech White Label Online Casino.jpg

So Why Setup With Asia Live Tech?

  1. We have cost efficient prices to setup your very own branded online casino site
  2. Our monthly royalty fees are as low as 5% !
  3. We have games that will fit both the European as well as the Asian market
  4. Our Casino Table Games are all live, hence your players get to play in real time with real dealers
  5. Our baccarat live tables all come packed with a progressive baccarat jackpot that is fully borne by Asia Live Tech giving you more edge in the market
  6. We have a huge range of unique side bets on our live tables that would make your players have a wonderful experience
  7. Our sportsbook has a wide range our sports to bet on with different odds to choose from
  8. You can choose to run the site with Fiat or Cryptocurrencies. However you can also choose to run it in a hybrid model support both crypto and Fiat as well.
  9. 24/7 technical assistance once you are live
  10. Training will be provided before you go live on how to operate our backend software
Take the step today to OWN YOUR OWN BRAND AND BE YOUR OWN BOSS by starting your very own online casino.

Want to know more about this awesome solution that can make you the next BIG iGAMING BOSS? then contact us via our website at


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May 6, 2019
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nice , but you forgot to mention , high end security , technical experts , expensive servers and players who won big , needs to be paid so having a huge bankroll , not a buck but trillionaires game


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Sep 19, 2017
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nice , but you forgot to mention , high end security , technical experts , expensive servers and players who won big , needs to be paid so having a huge bankroll , not a buck but trillionaires game
What you said ir right, but there is no need to have trillions ifor bankroll in casino. Most of casinos do have payout limit, so any winner of no matter what amount, will only withdraw that is limited to Casino budget.
I wonder why creator did not answred people's query?


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Nov 12, 2020
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Secaucas, NJ
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I am actually interested in having a casino this deal is lovely compared to when you start your own casino from scratch, where only the license would cost as much as $10,000, talk more of advertising and attracting players
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