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Self development website, please review


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Hello , after 2 month , finally finished my website about tools for personal development. With self help tools , working on a deep subconscious level , you can remove fears , limiting beliefs and so on . How do you like the design ?


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I like grid at home page. It's give many infromation and easy for users navigate. On site Find your problem you should add some images. Only titles are not enough.


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Categorize the content properly, as things right now look scattered and it doesn't leave a good impression on a visitor.


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Since this is you first website, i will say great job, this is a very good start.

If you intend to use this as a professional site i will simply be honest with you and tell you that you should get a designer.

You are doing alot of things wrong

1. Your site is not responsive: This comes as a surprise to me cause looking at your source, i can see that you are using bootstrap (or maybe it was included by your WordPress theme). Bootstrap is a responsive framework by default so you are probably doing something wrong or not following it guidelines.
This is 2019 we now have alot of people browsing on their mobile devices than on PC. You need to make sure your website adapt to these devices. I read an article some months back which state that Google is now using website responsiveness as a ranking factor.

2. Color are really off: You are using colors that generally don't go well together. Also using a plain white throughout all sections of your website makes it look like something that was designed in the early 2000.

3. Remove The Animated Background Header: There are times when animated background make sense e.g the main section of your website where your call to action is. This is not example of such situation so it just look archaic and annoying.

I would advise if you are not a designer and you want design your professional website, try and use the STEALING method :)

1. Look online for web design template that suit the website you are trying to design.

2. Save these websites or save as many screenshots of these websites as possible (probably 3-7).

3. Design your website based on these designs. Try and mix match things when it makes sense e.g you use the header from this design but footer from the other. You can also try to change icon's and images in your won design.

4. (OPTIONAL) Recolorize your design using colors that go well together. One good rule of thumb is to never use more than three colors. You are also allowed to create more shades from these colors by just increasing/decreasing their tone/brightness.
If you don't know much about colors, you can use service like adobe kuler or find free color pallette online (there are alot).

In the end you should have a website that looks decent and unique.
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