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Mar 24, 2016
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UPDATE: new rules and the referral tools are here:

The referral feature has been asked a lot and today I'm proud to announce we have it.

How much do I earn for inviting friends?
You get 500 BMF Coins per Referral.

Do you offer banners, links to promote my referral link?
Yes, go to Referral Tools and here Check Your Referrals
How do you keep away cheaters?
Your referral is validated when he makes 50 posts.

How do I know I got my 500 BMF Coins?
The system will send you an alert with the BIG reward. See below image.
beermoneyforum referral program.jpg

How can I get my referral link?
Referral Program on BeerMoneyForum.jpg

Where can I promote my referral link?

Share your referral link in others forums, blogs you own, social media platforms and email marketing.

What traffic you don't accept?
We don't accept traffic from:
+ no ptc sites
+ no exchange traffic sites
+ no adult traffic sites
+ no popunder traffic
+ no paid shorten links traffic
+ no traffic from spamming the web

If found cheating you will be banned for life. STAY SAFE!

Not open for further replies.
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