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QuickApp Ninja is a free online game app builder for Android. QuickApp Ninja makes it quite easy for anyone to build Free-To-Play quiz games without any coding skills. The way it works is that it provides users with pre-made quiz game templates that can be tweaked and customized via it intuitive drag and drop interface. When done, such user can now download his/her game and then distribute it or even publish it on Google Playstore.


Users can also monetize their games via In-App purchases or advertisements. Currently, QuickApp Ninja supports Google Admob and Facebook Ads as an advertising platform to choose from.
QuickApp Ninja was founded by a guy called Dmitry and publicly began it service in 2015. Although there is not much information about whose behind this company, they do boost about some successful games that have been made using the platform.

- Key Features Of QuickApp Ninja

  1. Free And Easy To Use: Building games using QuickApp Ninja is very easy, it just requires customizing an existing template which does not require any coding knowledge and can be done by anyone. Best part is that it's 100% free.
  2. Multilingual Support With Content Translation: Games built with QuickApp Ninja can support over 20 different languages. Users can also easily translate their game content to another language with just a click of a button.
  3. Online Icon Builder: Users can easily create their own game icon using the online builder. No design knowledge is needed.
  4. Cloud Support: In order to reduce app size, users can store additional game levels in QuickApp Ninja cloud servers which can be downloaded on demand by gamers. This also allows modifying game levels without needing to redistribute the app.
  5. Easy To Monetize: Users can easily monetize their games either via in-app purchases or via advertisement. Setup is very easy and it just a matter of few clicks.

- How Does QuickApp Ninja Make Money?:

There is no statement on their website that states how they generate their revenue but according to reports QuickApp Ninja takes 30% from the revenue generated from advertisement displayed in the app. The remaining 70% is paid to the developer on Net-15 basis.

  1. Easy to use, just a matter of customizing and changing assets, suitable for someone without any programming knowledge.
  2. It's 100% free to start creating game apps using QuickApp Ninja builder.
  3. Features highly customizable templates.

  1. It support only Android.
  2. Currently only five type of games can be credited using the platform.
  3. Game apps created using builders like QuickApp Ninja are generally regarded as reskins/asset flipped games. They don't bring anything new or unique to the app ecosystem.

QuickApp Ninja looks like a very nice platform for someone who doesn't know how to code but generally, I would recommend going for a no-coding game engine rather than using this platform cause that way you won't be limited to game templates the platform offers.

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