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☑️NEW ProBit x PeerEx Network (PERX) Airdrop Event


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Jun 8, 2020
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⯈ Event Duration

20 October 2020, 11:00 KST to 25 October 2020, 23:59 KST

*Reward distribution will be processed within 2 weeks after the event end date.

⯈ How to Get PERX Airdrop

Complete ANY of the following tasks:

⭐️ TASK #1

Create a new account on ProBit Exchange and complete phone verification.

* Phone verification is not KYC. Users need not conduct KYC to participate.

Reward: 150 PERX tokens

  • Use the following link to create a new account:
  • Complete phone verification:
Go to My Page of your ProBit account and click ‘Add phone’ (see image below).

Phone Verification FAQ >


⭐️ TASK #2

Refer your friends to sign up at ProBit.

Note: Only those users who successfully completed PHONE VERIFICATION will be considered as referrals that are eligible to receive airdrops.

* Phone verification is not KYC. Referred users need not conduct KYC to participate.

Both Referrer and Referee will receive Airdrops as follows:

Referrer: 120 PERX tokens per referred account

Referee: 120 PERX tokens

In addition, the Top 3 ProBit users with the highest number of referrals* within the event duration shall win the following prizes:

1st place: 50 USDT

2nd place: 30 USDT

3rd place: 20 USDT

⭐️ TASK #3

Follow ProBit social media accounts:

Reward: 160 PERX tokens

Fill up the form:

Note: Only those who followed ALL accounts indicated above AND filled out the form completely will receive airdrop for Task #3.

⭐️ TASK #4

Retweet ProBit Exchange’s Twitter post.

Reward: 150 PERX tokens

  • Search ‘@ProBit_Exchange Twitter’ on Google.
  • Go to the ProBit Official Twitter page and like & retweet the pinned post.
  • Search ‘@ronald_probit Twitter’ on Google.
  • Go to Ronald Chan’s Twitter page and like & retweet the pinned post.
  • Complete the following form:
Note: Only those who retweeted all posts AND filled out the form completely will receive airdrop for Task #4.

⯈ Important Notice

Total Budget for Task #1 & #2: 400,000 PERX

Total Budget for Task #3 & #4: 100,000 PERX

There is a total maximum cap of 500,000 PERX tokens for the whole event. Those participants who completed the required tasks after the cap has been reached will not be eligible to receive airdrops. An announcement shall be made on ProBit’s official Telegram group once the cap has been exceeded.
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