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❌SCAM - Reliable Bitcoin Mixer with Bullet-Proof Offshore Servers

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Apr 12, 2020
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The rights to privacy and anonymity of the online community and within the norms of our daily routines as human beings is a virtue which has been inevitable for decades but ignored in essence by majority of countries/governments around the globe.

The concept of blockchain & cryptocurrencies came forth on the rides of online transactional anonymity and financial defiance to authority which became popular because their programmers touted them as being private and secured. It has, however, emerged that they are not and that transactions undertaken using crypto can be traced and monitored by lurking snoopers.

Over time, with the increased government scrutiny and unwanted invasion by phishers, users now realize that the cryptocurrency world is not as anonymous as most of them were led to believe. Leaving them in paranoia and fear of crypto transactions given the notion that a snooper(hacker/government) can head over to the blockchain ledger board and be able to analyze/monitor any transaction’s origins, destinations, and various different variables if they wish to… which defiles the sole rights to privacy as such.

PenguinX Mixer is changing all this and giving back cryptocurrency enthusiasts their security and privacy as the 1st ever crypto currency mixer with an in-build A.I (Artificial Intelligence) chamber designed by experienced cryptography experts to ensure the mixing modulation disengages terminal linkages of origin and destination of transactions leaving neither trace nor footprints on the blockchain, thus making the origin and destination of the cryptos completely anonymous(Invisible) to snoopers.

The entire mixing process on occurs over a private bullet proof network with end 2 end encryption making it immune to attacks and data leakage.

Why PenguinX Mixer?

* Two Pools System:

Our operations dwell within MP2C i.e using 2 pools where receiving and sending is always different. One pool only receives funds, the other only sends.

* Multi Crypto Support: lets users mix Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum instantly.

* Automated Interface – A.I Controlled:

Equipped with fully automated A.I interface which ensures you get your clean coins immediately after mixing without delays.

* Logless Transactions:

We do NOT store transaction data/logs and coins are safe to use after mixing session is completed/

* Bullet Proof Server Connections:

Our off-Shore servers are impenetrable and are placed in unique data centers hence rendering their systems and operation immune to all sorts of attacks.

* Untraceable mixing:

Cryptos mixed through our website( cannot be listed by blockchain analysis or other forms of research. As a result, all mixed coins are protected and untraceable.

How It Works?

Step1: Select the Crypto-Currency you want to mix


Step 2: Enter receiving wallet address


Step 3: Send coins for mixing


Step 4: Receive Clean and Untraceable Coins

We are neither associated nor involved in the promotion of criminal activities, but merely providing a solution that protects the privacy and identity of crypto transactions, and bringing a new phase where crypto holders/users can transact at ease without worrying about someone monitoring their every moves, and activities on the blockchain.

‘’Not everyone who mixes crypto currency is a criminal, some people simply crave for privacy to that extent’’ – by Clerk CEO. PenguinX Mixer

More details about cryptocurrency mixing and the PenguinX platform can be gathered through the official website:

Contact Info:

TOR Link – 5c5b4vuillc72gzy.onion

Email – [email protected]

Telegram – @penguinxmixer

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Apr 12, 2020
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Dear PenguinX Anons

We have been receiving your messages requesting for a review section on Trustpilot to express your feedbacks and finally been verified

You can now drop your reviews via the below link after using our mixer

Trustpilot URL:

In case you are interested in our referral program, do contact us via: [email protected]

''Stay Private! Stay Anonymous & Be FREE'' by Clerk...

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Jul 22, 2019
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The website looks very well made. Like really really well made. But the name however sounds quite strange if you ask me. I mean I would like to join but the name cant make me take the hyip seriously.
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