Official - Earn $12/1k views, 2 times / ip, 20% ref. No captcha $3 min. Payout Daily


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2,210 - Shorten URLs & Earn money online.
How can you start making money with PaySkip.ORG?
It's just 3 steps: create an account, create a link and post it - for every visit, you earn money. It's just that easy!

We offer higher rates, daily payments minimum $3.
Payment methods: Paypal, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Bitcoin, Payeer.
$0.50 free registration bonus available for withdrawn!

:Thumbsup: 20% reff rev. Lifetime.
:Thumbsup: Fixed Rates / 1000 views, up to $12

Full list:

Tools: Quick Link, Mass Shrinker, Full page script, Devolopers API, Bookmarklet, Banner ADS [new]

:Thumbsup: High bonuses & a lot of offers:

Offer #1:
Do you have a website? put any Payskip AD for minimum 5 days & get $15 bonus available for withdraw!
Requests: Your site must have at least 500 visits/day and of course, the site must respect our rules! =>Ticket: username, website.

At every end of the month, the member who earns the most visits will receive a $100 bonus!
2nd & 3rd places (if earns 100k views) will receive $25 each one, every month!
Next bonus: 1 February 2018!
All offers here:

:Thumbsup: 20% revenue from referals + $10 bonus from the first referal who earns $10 from visits; $5 on the second, $2 all the next

:Thumbsup: We pay 2 times / ip / day

:Thumbsup: We use only banner ads

:Thumbsup: Fast page loading

:Thumbsup: Live support chat

You got paid by us? post your payment proof anywhere & get $2 bonus!


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No captcha? That's awesome! Traffic is gonna convert way more now.

One concern though, you will be getting a lot of fake views, do you have anything to protect yourself from that since there's no captcha? Just don't get your adsense banned for the name of no capctha.

Maybe in the future put solvemedia capctha or something. Recapctha sucks. I have endless complains from visitors who visit these urls about the "never ending images"

Also, can you decrease min payout threshold of bitcoin to also $3?



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Don't worry, we are making improvements day by day, there is almost no way to send fake traffic. Bitcoin minimum payout is already $3.


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Hmm I can't change everyone because the traffic from this countries isn't so important, but I'll try at least to increase. I will come back tomorrow with changes!


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@Maestroo is really double first payment and more bonus really ok i will try

example if have Good traffic and earn more 200 dollars you pay me 400 dollars for first pay alright

Good luck

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