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What is
nb-logo.jpg is an email verification system and email list cleaning services. that verifies emails so that it will not bounce. This is simple and yet very powerful and useful email marketing tool for email marketers and email promoters like me. Imagine you will relieve the stress from the SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Server so that your email is not bouncing and all sent email are successful.

How They Do It?
You just upload in .txt, .csv or any format you like to their server one email address per line and they will email you when it's done. A list of 1 million addresses will take some time but afterwards you will receive an automated email and a link to the file that is already cleaned from bouncing emails where you just click and save in your computer and then you can email them again this time with no bounces. Bounces are downtime when it comes to email marketing, instead of reaching out 1 person, your server took the time to send to a bouncing, never existing email.

Physical Address / Physical Location
This is a real company and if you are near their place or office, give some time to visit them and say hello on behalf of @weblord.
Cleveland, Ohio
3690 Orange Pl, Suite 310Cleveland, OH 44122 USA
[email protected]

Email Trivia
A little bit of history for you: The first email was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Technical Specifications

One thing I like them is they don't use any whois privacy protection when it comes to their address. So you will see their address when you run domain whois on their domain name. Their domain name was registered using NameCheap and most probably but I never checked they are hosted on a dedicated server for this functionality are not allowed on shared web hosting. I am using their .API to check for bouncing emails so that I can remove them without emailing them myself. Also I'm offering it as free services to everyone, and it's located at I don't have access to emails since I'm only a free member. I also use them to automatically reject all bouncing email if you put them on my mailing list at so you will see my stats from the inside. So you can use this tool before sending emails and also while doing it for your visitors, they will be warned that what their submitting to my mailing list is a bouncing email address, so they will just correct it, most probably they have forgotten to put the right one based on spelling or it's just a typo, or they just intended to stress out my mailing list, are possible reasons, so this tool comes in handy in checking emails 24/7 for me on my behalf.

How Do They Look From The Inside?
Here's my very own account





- It's a very handy and useful tool to check your emails to send to if they are bouncing or not, real or not.

- It has a handy .API and also some sample codes to place on your forms so that it will check bouncing emails and reject them if they are bouncing so that it saves you time, effort and money. Non-bouncing email leads are money.


- Well this is your part, to refill your credits just opt in for automatic payment so you will not run out of credits. But of course, these type of services will cost you.

Affiliate Program
Yes they have an affiliate program and it goes like this:
 10% commission on all sales
    Detailed click & purchase tracking
    Monthly payouts, $100 minimum
    Private affiliate dashboard access
I think it will be better for them to house or host their own affiliate program programming it themselves.

You need this if you are an email marketer, or offer some forms on your website.


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here's their email to me from my inbox and i quote:
Hey William,

Would increasing conversion on your forms or landing pages be impactful?

If you're using any sort of inbound form fills, you should know about FormComplete and how it makes it easier for your prospect to convert and for your team to follow up.

Our Webinar is tomorrow, save your seat here!


Rachel Kostura | Head of Customer Success
1-888-988-6694 x702 | [email protected]


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great news for free members: 1k credits every month
Hi there,

This is a reminder that starting December 2, we will no longer be supporting free monthly API credits. You, along with all newly registered NeverBounce users, will receive 1,000 free credits, eligible for both API and bulk cleaning to ensure a smooth transition for this change (Credits will be added to your account automatically on December 2nd).

We are extremely excited to announce several major additions to the NeverBounce platform that have required changes to the way we handle credits.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support and look forward to sharing big news in the coming days.

Happy Cleaning!
The NeverBounce Team

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