Use to earn $20 per month bw sharing

Mycro Airdrop ~ 7 MYO ($2) live on bitForex 17th June

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What is Mycro?
Mycro is the first global decentralized platform for simple jobs. By building a peer-to-peer network and mobile application, we connect people who need support with simple jobs and people who are looking for some extra money, in real time.
The Mycro Protocol acts as the confidential networking layer for all integrated decentralized applications, creating peer-to-peer (P2P) connections and providing an efficient way for users to enter trustless transactions over the network.
The Mycro token (MYO) is a utility token and fuels the ecosystem. It can be used for payments, rewards or access to services within the platform.

Will be list on BitForex 17th June

* Start bot
* Register BitForex
* Follow their Twitter

Done just wait until distribution

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