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JOURNEY My Journey to $50 a day with affiliate networks

Hello! Sorry for the bad english.

Dear Forum Users.

I read a lot of Posts or Threads. No one shares information in detail. It is obvious. Only common words. Paymentproof - there are practically none.

I will try to explain what I did (successfully or not, this is another question).

1. CPAGRIP system is working.

The question is - finding a niche - how to direct traffic, how to motivate the user to unlock content? What to offer the User?

2. As an application for blocking content, I made it here. - You can test and find out another way to earn money on EBESUCHER.

This is both humor :) and a working option.

3. MYLEADGLOBAL. Very interesting Project. Yes, earned. Yes, there was traffic. But what really converts or turns into leads is 90% forbidden. Only Adult and Dating are converted - which is prohibited on most resources. It is difficult to advertise.
Option with smartlink - yes, that’s great, it was! Only this option was allowed to do for users from Germany. Freebie or "free prizes." But with 1000 clicks 1 conversion, and lately there isn’t even that.
Game offers - worked good only motivated traffic is allowed, other game offers - are a waste of time. Product offers - advertising costs a lot - no return :) .

4. GAMEHAG. Motivated traffic is allowed for users from Tier 3 countries, yes, it works. Investment 10.0$ to virtual currency, "points", "coins" etc = profit 8.72$.

What else?

Your opinion is interesting, but: do not offer to write articles, (and English is not my native language), and other nonsense. These answers are only to raise your rating here :). Do not offer everything related to freelance. This is all known. Non adnetworks with popup.

Ready to discuss cooperation or become a referral. There are VPS, there are high-quality proxies, there is a licensed XRumer.

Good luck and have a nice day!


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Mar 17, 2020
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why do you not coutinue in cpagrip? 1 lead for how many click average?
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