NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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PujiHart is my username is a great autofaucet. It's easy and simple to get ATKN, pays direct to my faucethub account.
Thanks to


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MoonHash - Very Simple Crypto AutoFaucet is a simple autofaucet crypto game made to boost your XP on

Earning Options:
Every autofaucet claim cost a certain number of ATKN.
Get more from faucet or doing simple tasks.
Coins to collect: litecoin, blackcoin, digicoin, dogecoin, ZCash, ethereum, potcoin, peercoin, primecoin and dashcoin.
If it is your goal to level up your FaucetHub faster, then just keep it running and your next FaucetHub level will be reached faster then you think.

Referral Program
Earn 25% referral commission!

Register Here:

Simple AutoFaucet

Thank you in advance.


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I cant believe ive never seen this one till now. Wow looks like a good one and very easy. Also seems many of my friends here also use it. I guess ive been missing. Im in ...


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20 is a great autofaucet. To use the autocaucet, you need ATKNs, which you can earn by viewing shortlinks, PTC ads, by completing a captcha every 30 minutes, by doing offers in the offerswall and by referral commission.

After getting some ATKNs, you can earn different kinds of cryptocurrencies. Just leave the tab open, and you get free cryptocurrency. (A mining client DOES NOT run in the background, don't worry about it). With this, you can earn money for basically nothing, just a bit of your time.

In my opinion, this website is great and you should definitely use it.

My username: XRealX

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