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Meditown.io Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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Apr 4, 2023
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Meditown.io Review.jpg

I found this interesting project, which resembles an medieval type of strategy game..


Does anyone have any thoughts or viewed reviews? They are so hard to find. It seems you need to invest some USDT to build your medieaval town and produce resourses, which you can trade and make a profit later in the game. There seems to be a wiki on the game.

"MediTown is a medieval city-building game in which players can build and manage their own medieval metropolis. In this game, players will have the opportunity to collect and manage a wide variety of unique resources, buildings, and structures."

The wiki provides more details about the mechanics of the game, every building and so on. Seems interesting. Please invest on your own risk.
I decided to join. You can not win without alteast some innitial investmenet (min 2$), but it takes 1$ per investement. The idea is to build atleast 1 house. Players told me it takes up to 2 months to build a house with a small investement, but can take a few weeks if the user is active and ivests more. I put in some 24$ and build some structurs for wheat, wood and clay. There is a marketplace where you can trade your resources with other players. The least expensive house provides 9$ if you give your villagers 81 bread. Bread is made from wheat -> flour -> bread.

A user told me he has invested 20$ and has withdrawn 40$ in two months.


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Soldiers are now implemented. You can hire them to go into dungeons or raid other players for resources / or defend your castle. At this point you can not use them, but with an upcomming update that will be possible. The guilds are soon to be added as well and players can join together.

There was an accident which almost brought down the website, a hacker attack, which the admin managed to handle, but not before some of the pool been stolen. Eventhough some players got suspicious, the project moved on with new updates and new security rules and tightened protection. The attack had targeted some hashes and led to huge withdrawals.

I will keep an update on the project.
Website has shut down...for now. Another attach has taken place, according to the owner and he needs to shut it down. Some players lost their investement.
Website owner is selling the project - code, design, everything. There might be a buyer and the project might live on, on different terms and conditions and different administration - one of the players wanted to buy it and keep it alive. I volunteered to help him with the coding part, eventhough I have no experience with the art design and animations. :) We will see what happens. Got to check that code for a suspicious line that sends information back to a 3rd party, that's for sure. And need to secure it as much as possible, before inviting people to play again.
Just for information, I did get the project's code. And also managed to run it localy and make some updates on my part. I will work to improve and secure the project as much as possible and me and my partner are planning to putting it back online.

It is going to be a struggle, but I believe we can do it!

Currently I am working on adding dungeons and raids. There are 4 different kinds of dungeons - easy, normal, hard and nightmare. Each of them will yield specific resources (and will have a range, depending on luck). Next I will work on the Guilds section, but, as I said, it will take a while!
Sorry for the flood, but the project is going to be put back online in some time. There will be tests run, but I hope within a month, it is going to be open to the public.
This time me and a partner are going to administer it, and we will produce a business plan, so we can manage to payout everytime and not scam people. I will make an official statement as soon as possible.
Brief history of what happened.

The platform was owned by a Spanish developer, who created this awesome game. At some point I joined the project, but soon after the website was supposedly hacked, and the money pool drained. This ocurred twice and the admin told the users that he can not continue and he is selling the project. A member of the community was searching for a partner, who understands programming to help him run the project if he buys it. I was interested and volunteered, buying ~40% of the shares. Thus started my journey with MediTown, soon to be known as Empyrium.

I was impressed by the scripts. They were well made and after quite some struggle, I managed to run the platform locally. It worked perfectly, without any errors. This gave me motivation and I created a Smart Contract ot BSC for it, but I was quite inexperienced in Solidity and Blockchain at that moment, so I made some rookie mistake somewhere and my MetaMask Private Key leaked out, thus causing my wallet to be drained completely (only 10$). I got frustrated, created a new MetaMask wallet and left the project, because I believed it had malicious code in it. I created my own project (this passive income blog you see in my Signature) and ran it the same way, I used to run MediTown, that I inherited. I gained some experience a long the way.

Current date:
Recently I started learning Blockchain and Solidty, finding them really interesting. Somewhere amidst the course, I realized I've been making some mistakes with MediTown, not publishing it firstly on a Testnet and not hiding some valuable information. After a while, I decided to give it anothet try and currently, I've managed to launch the old website on a BSC Testnet and am searching for some people to test it with, while I work on the security.

There are two scenarious here, which combine a lot of side factors. One of them leads to successful launch of this platform, with all of it's responsobilities, both to investors and to partners. To reach this goal, we must first test the working platform on the TestNet (launched today) and come up with a good business plan, that does not lead to drying up of the pool of investments. Scamming people is out of the question. Finding such a business plan can be very difficult, but that lies in the foundation of creating a successful project. The other option is creating a "Dream Platform", or just a platform that I will use to sponsor people like me, who are in a hard financial situation at the moment. This option lies far ahead in the future, because currently I barely sustain myself and my projects. But it is the final goal. The last possible scenario is the platform being corrupted by some scripts, that I can't locate, thus rending it unusable. There are options in this case and I can try to increase its security, so this option, though possible, might be avoided. In either case, I do plan to run this platform and not scam people (which requires serious planning and business ideas). And maybe in the far future, even using to help people in difficult situations. The possibilities of realization are a lot. If you are interested, you can contact me! I could use some help, both for testing, designing and running such a project.
The game is on testnet, I plan on releasing it soon. It is very addictive and fun to play. There is trading and other economic aspects, including withdrawal. It is a work in progress, I will add battles and guilds soon.
There is a way for me to increase people's investments, so everyone can win and the game not shut down. It won't be a Ponzi.
The only risk sufficient is that I did not make the game initially (but I own it and work on it), so it might have malicious scripts. I made security precations, but before I release it to the public, I will make more tests.
I will implement a rule, that the participants`/players' investments are always secure. If my economic idea behind it starts to fail, I will return everyone's investment - their earnings - the taxes. Also, your deposits are NOT FINAL. You can leave the game at any time, and I will return your investment. You can also play along and see how much you will earn.
Once again, it won't be a Ponzi, it is backed up by a stable ROI system (not another project/projects).

I'll put the three videos, I made here.

Economic Video (Gameplay):



Withdrawals are not automatic, and you can withdraw only 1 per week.
There is a tax for depositing and withdrawing.

The game is planned to survive at least 3 years, before restarting.

I'd be happy to reply if there are any questions.

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