SCAM Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

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Linkzfly is a URL Shortener that Pays you to Shorten URLs.

=The CPM rates are good, upto 12.50$ for 1000 views.
=Worldwide 3.50$ for 1000 views.
45679 45678

Referral Commission is 20%.

=The Withdrawal Limit is high you can withdraw your money when your account reaches 10$ via PayPal.

Withdrawal Options = PayPal, Skrill, PayTM(india), Google Pay/UPI(india), Bank Transfer(india), PhonePe(india) and bKash(bangladesh).


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I checked the shortned URL provided by you and it seems the site is using google adsense so It may not accept faucet traffic. Payout rates are good. Only Philippines is 1$

Younes Afias

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Good shortener, the payouts rates are good and high for some countries but the minimum payment is very high, there many payments methods but it is in the interest of the Indians only, do you have a payment proof?


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@turbosnail please post your pending payment screenshot, so we can move this thread in to SCAM.
I already post a screenshot of pending payment in my previous post. Also, an admin made a hilarious post about why he couldn't pay on his facebook page as he blames it on "weather", lol. Anyway, it seems that "weather" is still bad on his side and he still didn't pay anybody at all.

Linkzfly officially scammed. You can visit their fb page and see that a lot of people also didn't get their money for than months. I thinks its better to move this thread to scam so that people won't start working on this site and get betrayed.


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