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Apr 14, 2021
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Modern online media resources are very convenient when it comes to expressing your opinion and sharing it with the public. However, there is a flip side to this convenience. The centralized nature of the content-sharing platforms gives them censorship authority while business giants standing behind them manipulate the processes in their own favor. We are well aware of what happens when centralized tech giants control our feeds of information. Content creators may be banned for no valid reason or get silenced when their opponents pay the central guardian for that.

What can a standalone content creator do to oppose such injustice? It is simple, upload content to be heard.

Blockchain-based distributed sharing platforms are a long-awaited solution to this problem. Although such platforms still have a long way to go before they become as popular as Facebook and Medium, they already provide their users with a much fairer way of content distribution thanks to transparency, immutability, and the lack of centralized governance.

In this article, I review Libertas Project, a decentralized podcast streaming platform setting freedom of speech as its primary goal and value. I found this project back in September 2020 and have been monitoring its progress since then. Full disclosure, I bought and am holding Libertas tokens.

Website: https://libertas.network/

DAPP: https://vox.libertas.network/

Telegram: https://t.me/libertasproject

CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/libertas-token/

Team Background

The founders are based in the UK. The company incorporated on 24 July 2020, under the name "LIBERTAS PROJECT LTD". Registration information can be found https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/12768016

The team is public, with LinkedIn profiles, Telegram, Discord, and United Kingdom profiles. The point is: They are doxxed and legally liable. Started as a 3 person team and grew to 7 persons. Currently, they are looking to add one more developer. Here is the job posting https://https://www.beermoneyforum.com//index.php?topic=5322065.0

Libertas App: VOX

VOX is the first DAPP built by Libertas. VOX is a decentralized content streaming platform. The initial focus of the DAPP is on podcasts. However, the team is publicly saying that video and live streaming will be coming to VOX in the future since the solution infrastructure allows it.

Per Libertas’ description, Vox is built on top of IPFS (Interplanetary File System). This distributed technology enables content to be distributed amongst countless nodes thus ensuring data perpetuity. Content-addressing and content-signing ensure that DDoS attacks are impossible, meanwhile delivering high performance and clustered persistence.

VOX v1.0, a proof-of-concept app, was released in November 2020. Version 1.2, a more enhanced version, released in January 2021. They are on schedule to do another release before the end of March 2021, which should include content creator tipping, per the roadmap.

Advantages for Content Creators:

● VOX platform is Politically Unbiased.

● No censorship, unless content is deemed illegal of course, in which case VOX will remove links to the illegal content from its interface.

● Once tipping is rolled out, content creators can start earning tips in crypto. No more waiting 60 days+ to get paid. No more risk of getting banned by payment processors. Did you know that Mastercard and Visa have been banning payment services for podcasters they deem too controversial?

● Content creators will have models to monetize their content: donations, subscriptions or pay-per-stream models.

● Content creators get 90% of each transaction fee. Remaining 10% will be distributed as follows (1% burn, 4.5% Development Fund, 4.5% Top 100 Holders + Stakers).

● Users control which content gets more exposure through gamification. Per Libertas medium article: “promote your content using your LIBERTAS, this is not limited to content creators but open to everyone holding any amount of LIBERTAS tokens. Users and content creators will be able to Liberate content using their token balance. This content will then be ranked and published on a separate “Liberated” page. These podcasts will gain the most exposure on the homepage.

Tokenomics. Bullish Case for Libertas:

● Max total supply is 100M. No additional tokens can be minted.

● Deflationary system via a 1% burn on every tip transaction.

● Phenomenal 500% growth since launch in August 2020. Steady organic growth. No pumps & dumps.

● Every holder who chooses to stake will be able to receive a proportional share of 4.5% of all the tips sent through the platform.

● The team was laying low in terms of marketing up until now. After the planned release end of Q1 2021, the team is planning a big marketing campaign and will start promoting the platform to a large list of demonetized YouTube content creators.
I love the total supply of 100 million. It's easier to maintain. The utilities on paper is also good. However the issue of most crypto projects is that they're not built to withstand pressure and lack consistency. Most are built just to raise money from investors. After that, the token dies due to lack of engagement. Many tokens have gone under the radar especially during this period of bear market.

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