NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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Guys I will recommended all of you that do not invest in the sites that are new I have already told many times.
They will attract you with the more offers but be strict in yourself do not invest it.
If their is any free kind of work then you can do it.


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News from to all who might be interested, as of 16. 03. 2019:

Re-Request Withdrawals
Attention: I accidentally ran an incorrectly coded cron job which was supposed to check and verify all withdrawals for verification, but instead it removed all withdrawals and placed them all back to the balances, please re-request withdrawals.

Please share this to all groups and all your downlines. Please request your withdrawals again.

We are doing verification of each withdrawal requests due to discrepancies that happened in the past few days about profile changes requested by someone who is hacking multiple accounts due to the account holders sharing their secret question and answer information to the hacker directly without being aware of the implications that this sharing of information can cause.
Mar-16-2019 02:55:28 AM


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@czarek182 why is the kirkfelt website not responding??
I just made a deposite few days ago, now i want to check how far I have gone, and the site is not reacheable, can you please look into this and notify the devs of the website?


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kirkfelt ends? my last deposit not activated. I wrote on kirkdesk. no answer 48 hours. my last withdrawal is still waiting. I do not have a good feeling:-(

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