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Invest in ITS(IT Services) Token, a billion dollar opportunity awaits you.

ITS is the first crypto token to cater to trillion dollar IT services industry. Each ITS token can be spent for availing one minute of IT services from SatyaSys. We are working on Android, Java Springboot, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Security Testing, Application Testing, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Online Training, Online Tuition, IT Support, etc.

Token price is 1 USD. You will get 66% discount till we raise first million dollar. The discount will be reduced to 33% till we raise 5 million dollars. The discount will further be reduced to 15% till we raise 10 million dollars. After that, no discount will be provided.

You can buy our ITS token using Ethereum. Just transfer ethereum to our Token Sale Address 0x4a4e07EcF97e451c519D452b51A6e6bCf10bf650 and contact us with your transaction reference, we will convert ETH to USD and send you ITS tokens.

You can also buy our token using Moneybookers, Bank transfer(Swift), Neteller, etc. Please contact us for payment details.

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Are you involved with that company?
Sorry to say that, but this sounds really fishy and I see no use for this token.
If I want to invest, I have to send Ethereum to an adress and if I get nothing in return, well, bad luck for me. That's absurd.
Also why should anyone invest in this?
Everybody can just pay SatyaSys directly in Dollar, no need for a cryptocurrency.
This is the same as buying a gift card for that company.
There aren't even professional photos of the team online. That's really shady and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.


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I can't consider myself a cryptocurrency expert but i know obvious scam when i see them.

1. Your website lack any useful information about the project. All it state is how to buy token.. Lol! obviously project lack vision.. Moreover the site look really basic, like something designed by an amateur.

2. You state that you are working on ML, Android, Blockchain... bla... bla. My question how do you use all these technologies? am pretty sure you have no answer... Come on! this method of scam is old and have been over used.

3. Non of you project "Team" make any mention of the project on their LinkedIn page. Probably stolen identity.

Just hope nobody falls for this.

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