ASK How Much Does a Website Cost?


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Initial set up fees

Website design:
£200 to £1000(depending whether your going to code it yourself, use a template or hire a designer which could involve more costs.

Domain £2.99 to £100 (depending on what extension you choose) some are more expensive than others

Ongoing expenses

Your Web Hosting:
£3 to £500/ month - depending on your package
Yearly domain renewal: 99p to £100 -

You need to understand your budget and how your going to generate revenue to cover your expenses

Those are some insane fees.

I pay 36$ to hawhost.
12$ to godaddy per year for domain.
Theme one time cost 49$. Customization self made so money saved.
And any other expenses under 100$. So I am not spending much into the website.

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