How Much Are You Currently Making From Your Blog or Website Per Month?


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Im making money from my blog.

The adincome is really low, think around a few dollar a month.
There are a few good earners on my site tho, one of the biggest earners was a Mannabase review, in the beginning the price of the manna token was really high and I had a couple thousand refs thanks to reddit traffic so I had a lot of manna deposited in my account. (total earnings are over 900)
My second biggest earner is Bitbond as of now since mannabase dropped in price.
I cant disclose earnings but its coming close to my earnings of mannabase, these earnings are made over a few months since I started this blog.

The faucet earnings are bad, and so are the referrals, but I bank on the fact most people check the advertising from other sites I review, and the advertising in the sidebar.
I used to promote a gambling website, but my traffic was too low to make any good earnings from that.

I have another site, which is about a certain game and showcases products of that game, and I have adsense enabled on that one.
That one earns me around 50 bucks every month. It is hosted on a blogger, and has a .club domain.

What I learned over this time was that most people come to your website, read the information they need and leave it again.
Which makes building a mailing list so you can retarget users one of the keyparts of a blog. I nag users every time they watch an article because retargeted users are much more willing to use a referral link since they already know your site because they visited it before.

Also a big reason why I advertise in the marketplace with my mailing list, because a few percent of those sign ups convert on every referral link I post in my mails. I make sure to advertise articles with referrals that require a deposit.

Another big thing was realizing that reviews are good for traffic, but not for converting users.
People only search for site names when they already signed up to the site, and all they do now is making sure they will get paid.
Making a review about a site is good for the initial traffic, but from that point on you need to help them get their attention onto your guides, that includes paid elements (webhosting, tools etc) that make you a lot more money.

Good examples of that is this one. (one of my articles)
It shows you how to build a free faucet, but it includes webhosting, with a free trial.
By getting them to sign up on the free webhost, the webhost will try to convert them to paying users and paying me when they do. But everything is free, so readers won't feel pressured into paying.
The article is also a guide, which makes sure that the sites feel "fresh" to the reader,which means they aren't signed up on those sites already.
Another big plus is that you can use this to get some organic traffic from sites such as Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and Steemit/Medium. You can not do that with site reviews.

I advertise on every platform possible, all social media, all link aggregators.
I use my free credits on mellowads, i target people on traffic exchanges, forums etc etc. Always busy to grow the site.
Forcing yourself to find a new source of traffic every day that has a potential to convert keeps you working.
Im also always on the look out for ways to write guides and site reviews.

Goodluck with your blog :)


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In my case it is extremely hard to tell the exact income. But, yes I'm earning from blogging itself. The main sources are direct advertising and contextual advertising. These days, it is not easy to rank on Google as the search giant keeps on updating algorithm. However, if the content is helpful to people, then you can see the traffic. Many webmasters and bloggers would show their interest in linking to your website. The engagement will certainly attract quality backlinks and eventually you can see decent bucks. This process will naturally take some time. But, if you need quick results, then invest some money in PPC campaigns. I saw some websites in my niche doing really good after running few campaigns. Once you attract adequate traffic to your website, apply to Adsense or Remember that the revenue depends on the niche, ads placement and demographics. The traffic from US, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe can fetch you more income compared to others. If you are reluctant to contextual advertising, then try affiliate marketing. Join affiliate networks or affiliate programs relevant to your niche and target quality leads. The affiliate income has more potentiality compared to contextual revenue. Hope this answer help you. I wish you a great success.


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My blog is not doing good at the time. I now understand that it is due to inconsistent adding of quality content. I have observed that it receives traffic whenever I add a new post, but since I am busy most of the time, I am considering outsourcing some of the content. I wonder if this is a good idea or not.


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I can't tell exactly how much I earn from my blog, because it comes from so many directions, but it's so easy any income is worth it.

To explain, my blog is focused on one of my favorite Traffic Exchanges (Traffic Swirl) and shows up on the first page of a Google Search several times, so I get good natural traffic.

I also use the exchange myself and advertise my blog posts geo-targeted to USA members, so it's natural for them to be attracted to look further, since they are members and I show them tips to make it more useful. A lot of my blog posts are about money making websites that cater to USA members and pay me for referrals, plus I get paid for referrals to the traffic exchange itself, so that's where my money comes from.

Just to give you an idea, I have one website I have used for over 10 years that has paid me over $6,000 and I promote it on my own websites and videos that my blog links to.


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I am in the ecommerce space. I don't use a blog to make money. Running a blog could be very demanding but low rewards. Buying and selling works for em

Amit Ahuja

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I tried it and I have a blog also but nowadays its very hard to get organic traffic from search engines. I also have approved google adsense account but after having a lack of SEO knowledge I ended up it with almost zero earning...


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I tried it and I have a blog also but nowadays its very hard to get organic traffic from search engines. I also have approved google adsense account but after having a lack of SEO knowledge I ended up it with almost zero earning...
That depends on your keyword (phrase). Mine is the name of the Traffic Exchange I promote (Traffic Swirl) and I get 1,000 unique hits a month.

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