NEW Hashingadspace Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Colin the Barbarian

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Hi all, hashingadspace site not sending asimi tokens within the 48 hour window (withdraw requests outstanding for 3 days) & no reply from support - starting to look like Elvis has left the building. Exchange value of tokens on a downward slide - game over?
Well whaddauknow, just got my tokens in the wave wallet & swapped em out for btc on the dex. Nice. Still can't see that this concept has any real economic purpose so assuming token value will run down to zero fairly quickly.

Kari Flinn

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Signup link : Hashingadspace

Quick Update

Hi Everyone, just quickly checking in to let you know
we are making progress in many areas of the site
and I am sure you will be pleased with the results :)

I would also like to take this moment to congratulate
all of our Launch Promotion Achievers!

What an exceptional group of members leading the charge!

More coming on that soon.

On a casual note,

Hashing Ad Space is progressing beautifully.

We have established the Ad minter as the function for minting new Asimi.
It works, people love it, and it has already proven itself to be a massive success.
(Congratulations to all of you that have taken early action and are minting new Asimi)

From here, as you know it's all about helping ensure
Hashing Ad Space is for everyone and continues to grow at record levels.

Now approaching 100,000 registered members,
The first step is to introduce our new FREE earning product.

This product, among all the additional advertising products
and improved advertising functions we are developing,
will continue to drive Hashing Ad Space forward.

The more powerful and sought after our advertrsing products are,
the more true demand there is for Asimi.

It is through increased advertising products and services
that Asimi's real use for advertising increases by many multiples of what it is now...

This continues to grow our token economy,
and that is what drives us into the future.

So, I know I have been quiet lately,
but that is what I am working on :)

Over the coming years,
Hashing Ad Space will only increase in advertising and earning value.
I am glad to be building it with you.

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