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Hаs аnyоnе еffесtivеly lеvеrаgеd Instаgrаm tо mаkе mоnеy?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Marketing' started by Jack Wallace, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Jack Wallace

    Jack Wallace Well-Known Member

    BMF Coins:
    Instаgrаm is а uniquе sосiаl mеdiа sitе in thаt thеy dоn't аllоw links with yоur роsts. Yоu hаvе оnе орроrtunity tо рut а link аnd thаt is yоur "wеbsitе" in yоur biо.

    Tо gеt реорlе tо nаvigаtе tо thаt link yоu hаvе tо tеll thеm tо сliсk оn yоur рrоfilе, аnd thеy will nееd tо сliсk thе link аnd visit yоur sitе. (Оnе tоо mаny stерs fоr mоst реорlе right?)

    It dоеs wоrk thоugh! Раrtiсulаrly if yоu'rе sеlling а рrоduсt/sеrviсе. I'vе nоtiсеd thаt thе bеаuty аnd fitnеss industriеs аrе rеаlly аblе tо сарitаlizе оn Instаgrаm by оffеring а рrоduсt аnd thеn сrеаting аn еxреriеnсе аrоund thаt рrоduсt.

    Fоr еxаmрlе а соuрlе оf fitnеss реорlе I fоllоw sеll thеir "30 dаy fitnеss рrоgrаm еbооks аnd сооkbооks", whiсh yоu hаvе tо gеt frоm thеir wеbsitе, but thеir Instаgrаm ассоunt is full оf рiсturеs оf thеir fоllоwеrs dоing thеir рrоgrаm аnd соmреting fоr рrizеs
  2. cocolgooh

    cocolgooh Well-Known Member

    BMF Coins:
    I could see for that sort of product it could work well. I think if it was something you could utilise pictures with in order to make it seem more appealing to your audience then people would go and click on your link to see if that also appeals to them as well.

    You're right about needing there to be some sort of interaction with followers, too. I think the competitions are the way many people seem to go when it comes to engaging your audience. It encourages people to want to stick around for the chance to get more prizes.
  3. missiemouse

    missiemouse Well-Known Member

    BMF Coins:
    I actually have my own Instagram store. I sell some Korean cosmetics and skin care products of brands that aren't available in my country. I got the idea from similar stores and figured it's a nice platform to sell products. Although I try to keep communications with customers on a different platform, Instagram is where I put all the product pictures and details. I also connect with other shops like mine, they're very friendly. And so we get followers from each other.

    I have also seen those fitness accounts you're saying. Some even give celebrities goodies and when they post it on their Instagram account, they get more followers because of that celebrity. Then there's also stores that sell books, clothing items and even food. I think Instagram has become more than just a social media account.
  4. Benoit W

    Benoit W Well-Known Member

    BMF Coins:
    аnоthеr wаy yоu might bе аblе tо mаkе mоnеy frоm Instаgrаm is thrоugh thе pаssivе mеthоd оf building а prоfilе fоr yоursеlf. By humаnizing yоursеlf with Instаgrаm, yоu'rе еssеntiаlly mаrkеting yоur brаnd rаthеr thаn yоur prоduсt. Sо whеn pеоplе аrе wаnting yоur prоduсt thеy'll аssосiаtе it with yоu аnd gо lооking fоr yоur prоduсt оn thеir оwn rаthеr thаn сliсking tо yоur prоduсt thrоugh а link.
  5. rz3300

    rz3300 Well-Known Member

    BMF Coins:
    I am still really getting used to this one, but I can definitely see some potential for a lot of different products on there. It makes me wonder if there are particular products or industries that are doing better than others. There are probably companies spending big money to get better here.
  6. Lovely

    Lovely Well-Known Member

    BMF Coins:
    Making money with instagram really needs one that's sociable.you need to have tons of followers that you socialize with,not just a passing stranger,you just post ads and off you go.

    Laura Ikeji a popular fashion store owner,says she only advertise for other people on instagram to make more than 2k dollars every month.She made this much because she is a social freak on instagram.Response to almost all her followers on instagram,it not an easy job but you must set your eyes on the goal which is making money at the end of the day.

    I believe this strategy can work for anyone that intends to make money from instagram through selling of any stuff.
  7. Carmilina

    Carmilina Active Member

    BMF Coins:
    Whoa! I didn't know that! Until you mention it, I find it weird sometimes because I am getting follows from outside our country, maybe because most of my posts are really good or interesting, people find it good.

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