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☑️NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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Aug 16, 2020
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Sydney, Australia
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Legit Investment site - Paying since last 5 years, 7 months and 27 days

Guys, This Investment site is absolutely Legit. It is paying since last 5 years, 7 months and 27 days. You will get Real Money by growing virtual leaves. I have given detailed description about rules and regulations of the site. Pls. read all the rules carefully before investing. You will surely get good returns on your investment.

Golden-Tea - Get Bonus 10000 Coins

Get Real Money By Growing Virtual Leaves.

Golden Tea is an innovative project where everyone can receive money, showing activity in the game.

The project is managed by a whole team of real professionals, from programmers to designers and copywriters, so that you get the best service and fair play.

Pls. sign-up here : and then Get Bonus 10000 Coins. You need to confirm your Email and Phone number before withdrawal.

You can transfer money by multiple payment systems. You can deposit and withdraw funds by Payeer, Bitcoin, Debit/Credit Card, WebMoney, Qiwi Wallet, Perfect Money and MegaKassa.

Rules of Golden-Tea :

Brief Playing Algorithm :

(1) Buy tea bushes in the Store.

(2) Plant them on the Interactive Playing field.

(3) Collect tea after a little while (at your convenience) and the administration will buy the collected tea back.

(4) Receive funds to your e-wallets or buy bushes again in the Store.

(5) To buy a tea bush, you should replenish the game balance. 1 RUB = 100 coins.

(6) In the Store you may buy bushes of different size that bring tea leaves at different speeds.

(7) After buying a tea bush, you may plant it on the Interactive Playing field; to do this drag the bush with a mouse, or click on the bush and then on the field.

(8) After planting the bush, you may also upgrade it, having the required number of coins. To do this, select the bush and click on the button : LEVEL UP.

(9) Next, you should collect tea leaves by clicking on the button COLLECT TEA LEAVES at any time interval, hourly, daily or even monthly, at your convenience.

(10) Leaves are sold at the rate of (20) Leaves = 1 gold at the same Playing field page.

(11) When selling leaves, 50% goes to coins wallet, 50% goes to gold wallet!

(12) After selling leaves, you may withdraw gold to your e-wallets, at the rate of 100 gold = 1 Ruble.

(13) You may cash out from the game every day, up to : RUB 10000.

(14) A bonus of 10000 coins is given upon registration.

(15) Remember 1 RUB = 100 coins!

(16) To get money, you need to have gold and energy.

(17) For the bush to give leaves - you should plant it!

(18) You can get no more than 1 ruble without replenishing the balance. To receive money, you should replenish your game balance with at least RUB 100, or invite an active referral!

(19) You may exchange coins for Tea Bushes, which will bring you game resources in coin and gold equivalent!

(20) The more expensive the bush is, the more resources it brings.

(21) The amount of cash out is calculated by energy. 1 energy unit = 1 ruble. To cash out RUB 100 from the game, you should have 100 energy units on the balance.

(22) You may also buy Energy for coins at the Energy market! But this section is accessible for users, who replenished the balance for at least RUB 1,000! The market enables to sell coins and get Energy for them.

(23) The Market Limit is the number of coins you can exchange at the Energy Market within 24 hours! You can also increase your market limit in multiplication of 1000 coins within 24 hours! The cost of increase the limit is in the form of Energies. The market limit is increased forever! = in multiplication of 1000 coins!

(24) At the energy market, you may buy energy for coins. You may exchange the gold for coins at the Exchange page. The coins to energy exchange rate may change depending on the coin balance, market reserve, etc. You may view the current exchange rate at the "Energy Market page", updated every 3 seconds!

(25) Every player has a Market limit, i.e. the number of coins you may exchange for the Energy within 24 hours. Now you may increase your market limit for the energy! The market limit is increased for forever! Increasing your limit once, you will be able to sell more coins all the time! The exchange rate may not be updated before the Exchange button is pressed, but the exchange will be done at the updated exchange rate!


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Apr 22, 2018
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Both and are SCAM ponzi schemes. Have law called ENERGY. Need to have 1 energy to withdraw one ruble.
How do you get energy? From deposits (as compensation) or you buy at fraudulent prices.
They MANIPULATE the price against you the player. I deposited 1000 rubles and got 250 rubles from them.

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